Welcome to the Textbook Center!

The TBC provides students with textbooks, workbooks and some novels for the classes they are currently enrolled in. We sell student ID cards, limited school supplies, Polar heart monitor replacement straps, gym clothes (shirts and shorts) and spirit wear.  See pictures of the Polar Heart replacement straps, gym clothes, spirit wear and school supplies at the TBC Store.

During the school year, the TBC is located in Room 1165 and is open from 7:40 am until 3:40 pm Monday through Friday.

Starting the last day of school and throughout the summer, the TBC relocates to the Student Cafe and is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am until 3:00 pm.

Information on summer reading is available on the Niles West Library home page.  These books can be obtained from either your local library or a local bookseller.


Sandy Weinketz, Textbook Manager
Phone: 847-626-2590

Stacey Wronski, Textbook Center Assistant
Phone: 847-626-2591