Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club was started to encourage students to eat breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Since its inception, it has taken on the social aspects of students starting their day by sharing a bowl of cereal. Breakfast Club has encouraged camaraderie and fellowship, and has even made floats for the annual Homecoming Parade.  This year we will emphasize fundraising for charity to follow the course of our founders.  Check out pancakes for

Special functions/events: Breakfasts, two fundraisers
Sponsor: Sharon Swanson ~
Meeting Schedule:
Once a month on Fridays @ 7:30 AM in room 1185.  Email Ms. Swanson to be on the list

DIY Club

Join these outgoing, creative young adults as they set their minds to making simple and practical items with friends. Do It Yourself Club makes anything from glow jars to festive Oreos. All creativity is welcome. Bring your ideas and smiles, and get ready to have fun.

Sponsor: Kelly Adamovic
Meeting Schedule: 
Every other Thursday @ 3:30 PM in Room 1601 (Student Commons Conference Room)

Feminist Club

The NW Fem Club is a club open to everyone regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc.  It’s goal is to create a healthy and fun learning environment to tackle the world’s oppressions and give equality and equity to all.

Special functions/events: Washington, D.C. for National Young Feminist Leadership Conference, Expanding Lives, Fundraisers, and more!
Sponsor: Jody Weatherington ~
Meeting Schedule: 
Mondays @ 3:30 PM in Room 1199

Gardening Club

You don’t need to have a green thumb or gardening gloves, you just need a community spirit and a desire to help beautify the outdoor and indoor spaces of Niles West with growing things.  Gardening Club is for you if you:

Like playing in the dirt
Like to watch beautiful things grow
Like to eat strawberries and tomatoes
Want to hang out with other people who enjoy life!

SponsorSherry Jo Baehr ~
Meeting Schedule: 
Wednesdays @ 3:30pm in the IRC

H2O Christian Club

If you are looking to find a Christian community at Niles West, or are just interested in learning more about Jesus, join H2O (Humble 2 One)! In a typical meeting, we worship, we pray, and then we have a message given by one of our leaders followed by fellowship or small group discussions. We always have snacks at our meetings and are always happy to see new faces. All are welcome!

SponsorsSarah Wagner ~
Meeting Schedule: 
Fridays @ 3:30 PM in Room 3240, at the end of the small hallway on the third floor

Homecoming Committee 

Homecoming is a time to promote school spirit through activities that involve Niles West students, faculty and staff, as well as parents, alumni and the entire community. The Homecoming Committee is responsible for developing a Homecoming theme, planning and organizing various Homecoming activities, and publicizing them to the school community. The major highlights of the Homecoming celebration are the Homecoming Dance, the Parade, and the election and coronation of the Homecoming King and Queen. The Homecoming Committee is open to all students. We meet after school as often as possible from the start of the school year through Homecoming Week; then again in April to start planning for the next year’s Homecoming activities.

Special functions/events:  Supervised the student Homecoming Committee in the planning and implementation of publicity and events including distribution of Spirit Item, Elections of King & Queen, Coronation Assembly, Parade and Homecoming Dance attended by over 1,000 students.

SponsorMary Leonardo and Tamar Boghossian
Meeting Schedule: 

Muslim Student Association

MSA gives students the opportunity to perform the Friday Prayer and to increase their knowledge about Islam.  All students, regardless of their religious orientation are welcome to attend.

Special functions/events: Invitational Interfaith discussions
Sponsor: DJ Kosiba ~
Meeting Schedule: 
Fridays @ 3:30 PM in Room 1210/1220

Sci-Fi Club

The Niles West Sci-Fi club is for students interested in any type of science fiction: movies, novels, comic books, role-playing games – you name it. Our diverse members come from all walks of life. Anyone who joins our club will have fun, learn a lot, and make friends for life. All are welcome!

Website: Click Here
SponsorJohn Hasemeyer ~ and Michael
Meeting Schedule:
Thursdays @ 3:30 PM
Meet in the South Lobby

Wild Wolves Outdoors Club

Wild Wolves explore the outdoors. We go camping, build fires, stare at the stars and play in the mud. If you think having fun, playing in Nature, and making new friends is worth your time, then this is the club for you.

Sponsor: Neil Koreman ~
Meeting Schedule: 
Thursdays after school Room 3430