Student Government

Student Government serves as a political bridge between students faculty and administration through which students’ interests can be expressed and acted upon appropriately. Members plan and organize school-wide assemblies, spirit weeks and fundraisers for school social events. In addition, Student Government seats a representative on the District 219 Board of Education and works to influence policy changes that benefit the entire Niles West student body.

Special functions/events:  Clothing Drive, fundraising, Elections, Senior Send-off, Student Government banquet, Recycling drive

***Student must have previous NW Government experience when applying for a Government Leadership Position***
SponsorsMatt Wiemer ~ & Michael Kucera ~
Meeting Schedule: 
Mondays – Room 1601 (Student Activities Conference Room), Wednesdays & Fridays Room – 1755 during 4th Period

Senior Cabinet 

Senior Cabinet is open to all seniors who want to contribute to the development of school spirit and increase involvement at school functions. Members participate in the homecoming parade, fund raise, help with graduation, and volunteer for community service. This organization is responsible for planning and purchasing the senior class gift to the school.

Special functions/events: Homecoming activities, Senior t-shirts to fund class gift, Senior Panoramic Photo, Senior handprints.
SponsorEvelyn Lauer ~
Meeting Schedule: 
Tuesdays and Thursdays during 4th Period in Room 1755

Junior Cabinet

Junior Cabinet members use their creativity, talents, and resources to organize homecoming events such as a homecoming float. Each year their most ambitious project is prom. Students spend a great deal of time planning, fundraising, and creating a unique prom event.

Special functions/events: Prom
SponsorMargaret Bower ~
Meeting Schedule: 
Tuesdays during 4th – Officers
Thursdays during 4th – Members
 Room 3230

Sophomore Cabinet

Sophomore Cabinet is open to all sophomores that use their intelligence and various talents to increase involvement in school spirit and volunteer throughout the community. Members decorate the hallways and plan the annual homecoming parade. They also do candy and bake sales to raise money towards the senior gift.

Sponsor: Jen Hahne ~
Meeting Schedule: 
Thursdays during 4th period in Room 1601 (Student Activities Conference Room)

Freshman Cabinet

Freshman Cabinet is dedicated to providing a voice to the Freshman class.  As a club we design and build a float and decorate the hallway for Homecoming.  We also do volunteer work in the community and fundraise throughout the year.

Sponsor: Joyce Van Alstin ~
Meeting Schedule: 
Tuesdays during 4th period in Student Activities Conference Room