Niles West Staff Directory

E-MAIL ADDRESS: In District 219, e-mail addresses for staff members consist of the first three letters of the first name, followed by the first three letters of the last name followed by our organization name:
Example: "Mary Smith" would be
FACULTY WEB PAGES: The names of faculty members who have created web pages for their courses or extra-curricular activities are displayed as hyperlinks.
EXTENSIONS: Dial 847-626-(extension) to reach any of the staff listed below.

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Name Department Position Extension
Aceves, Ricardo ELL, K-12 ELL Director 2640
Ackman, Scott Social Studies Instructor 2864
Adamovic, Kelly Student Activities Executive Secretary 2920
Adducci, Caroline World Languages Instructor 2675
Ahmad, Tayyaba Mathematics Instructor 2737
Akwa, Stefanie ELL Instructor 2672
Albert, Ken Engineering, Computer Science & Business Education Instructor 2064
Alegnani, Ann Student Services Counselor 2690
Alexander, Carl Physical Welfare Executive Secretary  2829
Ali, Syed Mathematics Instructor 2735
Allen, Matthew Special Education Paraprofessional 2959
Amin, Hina Equity Family Liaison, Urdu 2464
Anbarchian, Gevik ELL Instructor 2148
Anderson (Romanchuck), Kaitlin Fine & Applied Arts Instructor 2548
Arcus, Susan Science Lab Assistant 2784
Ardam, Riva Science Instructor 2794
Arlinsky, Erica Organic Life Food Service 2715
Armour, Mindy Physical Welfare Instructor 2815
Attig, Jean Engineering, Computer Science & Business Education Instructor 2550
Aviles, Osvaldo Special Education Paraprofessional 2902
B Department Position Extension
Babakhani, Antwan Student Services Assistant Principal  2930
Baban, David Student Services Nurse 2940
Baehr, Sherry Jo Library Media Specialist 2700
Baik, Gee Sook ELL Tutor 2663
Barker, Kimberly English Instructor 2606
Barkho, Souzan Equity Family Liaison: Arabic, Assyrian 2445
Barnett, Chris Science Instructor 2783
Batista, Adrian Special Education Instructor 2922
Baum, Scott Social Studies Instructor 2868
Becker, Michelle Attendance and Deans Attendance Clerk 2574
Bellwoar, Paul English Instructor 2624
Bermeo, Martha Main Office Substitute Coordinator 2514
Bills, Happi Student Services Counselor 2684
Bledson, Kraig Main Office Clerk 2595
Blunier, Troy Engineering, Computer Science & Business Education Instructor  2545
Boghossian, Tamar Humanities Literacy Center Clerk 2621
Bohigian, Suzanne Mathematics Instructor 2266
Boll, Michael Science Instructor 2249
Bowen, Todd World Languages Director / Instructor 2641
Bower, Margaret Science Instructor 2799
Braheny, Kyle Mathematics Instructor 2939
Branahl, Jared World Languages Clerk 2132
Brandes-Elwell, Kathleen Special Education Instructor 2895
Bravos, George Mathematics Instructor 2742
Brennan, Meaghan Science Instructor 2786
Brown, Tricia Engineering, Computer Science & Business Education Instructor 2559
Brooks, DaJuan Fine & Applied Arts Instructor  2629
Bruzzino, Joseph Niles Central Director 3120
Bubley, Laura Special Education Paraprofessional 2396
Buda-Curescu, Steluta Student Services Clerk  
Bumbaris, Susan Security   3994
Burns, Carole Special Education Director  2880
Buttitta, Kathleen Mathematics Instructor 2753
C Department Position Extension
Caceres, Felix Student Services School Psychologist 2960
Capuzelo-Akechoud, Linda World Languages Instructor 2654
Casey, Caitlin Special Education Instructor 2905
Cejovic, Milutin Attendance and Deans BAC Assistant 2525
Chandarana, Seema Mathematics Instructor 2750
Chae, Nu Lee English Paraprofessional 2584
Cheng, Sanlida Humanities Director 2601
Chin, Robert Physical Welfare   2827
Choldin, Kate Niles Central Instructor 3123
Clarke-Machina, Karen Niles Central Instructor 3124
Clish, Brett ELL / Physical Welfare Instructor 2806
Cochrane, Norma Main Office Secretary 2506
Coleman, Phyllis Student Services Secretary 2680
Collins, Kara Special Education Paraprofessional 2896
Comstock, Anthony Science Instructor 2767
Conroy, Michael English Instructor 2618
Curescu , Gabriela Mathematics Executive Secretary 2740
Czupryna, Britt Science Instructor 2773
D Department Position Extension
DeFelice, Sean Special Education Instructor  2925
Dickman, Matthew Niles Central Instructor 3133
Donnelly, Margaret Science Instructor 2781
Doonan, Kirby Niles Central Social Worker 3134
Drachenberg, Barbara World Languages Executive Secretary 2665
Dribin-Khoshaba, Elizabeth Special Education Instructor  2894
Dubay (Wall), Kerry Fine & Applied Arts Instructor 2572
Dufour, MacKay Fine & Applied Arts Auditorium Manager 2639
Dunham, Lisa Science Instructor 2547
Dunne, Linda Social Studies Instructor 2857
Dykes, Tim Attendance and Deans Dean 2533
E Department Position Extension
Ebrahimi, Entesar Student Services Advocate 2936
Edelson, Lisa Engineering, Computer Science & Business Education Education to Careers 2062
Edwards, Joe Social Studies Instructor 2855
English, Larry Special Education Paraprofessional 2914
Erickson, Jude Attendance and Deans Secretary 2531
Ernst, Sarah Science Executive Secretary 2671
Estrada, Jacqueline Student Services Psychologist Intern 2963
F Department Position Extension
Fahrenbacher, Matthew Mathematics Instructor 2762
Faso, Mario Physical Welfare Instructor 2821
Fiorito, Michele Humanities Clerk 2851
Flahive, Lauren Social Studies Instructor 2871
Fogel, Larry Social Studies Instructor 2889
Foley, Ellen English Instructor 2599
Fontillas, Jacqueline Attendance and Deans Secretary 2530
Ford, Patti-Anne Fine & Applied Arts Director / Instructor 2560
Foster, Carrie Niles Central Instructor 3137
Foster, Jason Science Instructor 2776
G Department Position Extension
Galvez, Lynette Special Education Paraprofessional 2917
Garmon, Katrina Special Education Speech Pathologist 2899
Garner, Brent Engineering, Computer Science & Business Education Instructor 2552
Garvey, Jackie English Executive Secretary 2600
Genis, David Science Instructor 2763
Genovesi, Anthony Special Education Instructor 3130
Geu, Ryan Mathematics Instructor 2785
Giannelli, Barbara Main Office Bookkeeper 2505
Gillono, Jan Special Education Paraprofessional 2919
Gin, Daniel Student Services/College-Career Resources Counselor 2682
Gogerty, Colleen Mathematics Instructor 2751
Gorski, Laura Athletics Athletic Trainer 2825
Gragnani, Lucy Buildings & Grounds Secretary 2833
Graham, Michael English Instructor 2589
Graham, Sally English Instructor 2588
Grais, Benjamin Student Services Counselor 2691
Gray, Nathan English Instructor 2608
Green, Carla Student Services Counselor 2687 
Greene, Brian Niles Central Instructor 3125
Grens, Jessica Fine & Applied Arts Instructor  
Griffin, Kendall Athletics Athletic Director 2801
Gross, Rachel English Instructor 2611
Grossman, Michael Special Education Instructor 2578
Grossman, Steve Social Studies Instructor 2859
Grunst, Marie Special Education Instructor 2892
Gustafson, Garry Physical Welfare Instructor 2807
H Department Position Extension
Hahne, Jennifer Student Services Social Worker 2957
Hall, Lauren Special Education Instructor 2883
Hansen, Kimberly Mathematics Paraprofessional 2937
Hastings, Loretta Student Services Registrar 2932
Hawk, David Attendance and Deans Dean 2532
Hawker, Chris Science Instructor 2790
Hawthorne, Jimmie Niles Central Paraprofessional 3129
Heintzelman, Carmela World Languages Instructor 2647
Hentz, Stephanie Special Education Assistant Director 2886
Herrate, Sandra Equity Family Liaison: Spanish 2448
Heselton, Anne Physical Welfare Instructor 2804
Hettinger, Michele English Instructor 2617
Hill, Alexandra Special Education Instructor 2908
Hindel, Lisa Renee Special Education Instructor 2909
Hinsinger, Elizabeth World Languages Instructor 2139
Hoffman, Mike Technology Cable TV Producer 3923
Holland, Lynne Student Services Social Worker - Niles Central 3128
Hsing, Wileen World Languages Instructor 2622
Hubbell, Chantel Student Services Secretary 2951
Hunter, Matthew Fine & Applied Arts Instructor 2637 
I Department Position Extension
Iafrate, Stephanie English Instructor 2599
J Department Position Extension
Jackson, Kristen English Instructor 2625
Jablenski, Cortni Student Services  Psychologist Intern 2962
Jaffe-Notier, Tamara English Instructor 2614
Jaimes, Norma Main Office Clerk 2519
Jernstrom, Elise Technology Lead Technician 2729
Jeter, Andrew English Instructor 2603
Jodelka, Thomas Science Instructor 2756
Johaniewicz, Harriet Niles Central Instructor 3126
Johnson, Andrew Student Services Counselor 2685
Johnson, Justin Fine & Applied Arts instructor  2630
Johnson, Melanie Social Studies Instructor  2873
Johnson, Michael Building & Grounds RJB Properties 2576
Johnson, Susan Student Services Executive Secretary 2931
Jones, Clarence Niles Central Paraprofessional 3149
Joseph, Samantha Student Services Social Worker  
Jukic, Jasminka Mathematics Instructor 2734
K Department Position Extension
Kachaochana, Marosa Equity Family Liaison: Arabic, Assyrian 2463
Kaiser, Erick Special Education Instructor 2926
Kajmowicz, Kathie Mathematics Instructor 2733
Kanwischer, Dana Social Studies Instructor 2865
Karimighovanloo, Luisa World Languages Instructor 2651
Kastrinakis, Christina Main Office Bookkeeper 2516
Kastrinakis, Joanna Student Services Scheduler 2934
Kaye, Amy Mathematics Instructor 2789
Kelly, Maria Fine & Applied Arts Instructor 2557
Kennedy, Shaun Special Education Instructor 2910
Khan, Safoorah Mathematics Paraprofessional  2730
Kim, Gloria Special Education Paraprofessional 2909
Kim, Joshua Science Paraprofessional 2758
Kline, Michelle Fine & Applied Arts Instructor 2074
Kljajic, Marco Special Education Paraprofessional 2906
Koda, Amy Fine & Applied Arts Instructor 2553 
Kolany, Elizabeth ELL Instructor 2657
Konsewicz, Anthony Physical Welfare Instructor 2808
Koontz, Rosalie Mathematics   2933
Koreman, Neil Science Instructor 2791
Kosiba, Daniel Social Studies Instructor 2585
Krzeminski, James Mathematics Instructor 2749
Kucab, John Engineering, Computer Science & Business Education Instructor 2555
Kucera, Michael English Asst. Director of Humanities, English / Instructor 2615
Kukla, Cynthia Technology Applications Trainer 2727
Kwit, Regina Library Clerk 2704
L Department Position Extension
Lacey, Philip Technology Director of Instructional Technology 2724
Lander, Steven World Languages Instructor 2662
Langston, Teri Physical Welfare Instructor 2816
LaPorta, Larry Transportation and Fingerprinting Manager 2832
Larrabee, Daniel Mathematics Instructor 2738
Lau, Stephanie Student Services Counselor 2689
Lauer, Evelyn English Instructor 2592
Laury, Alana Attendance and Deans Dean 2536
Laux, Terri Athletics Assistant Athletic Director 2818
Leaks, Michael Special Education Paraprofessional 2918
Leavenworth, Lucas Mathematics Director 2741
LeClaire, Chantel Student Services Social Worker 2961
Lee, James Equity Family Liaison: Korean 2444
Lee, Loren Special Education Testing Coordinator 2879
Lee, Richard Physical Welfare   2819
LeFevre, Ami Science Director 2670
Leonardo, Mary Student Services Psychologist  2935
Lewis, Michele English Instructor 2616
Lichterman, Dena English Instructor 2623
Lietz, Martha Science Instructor 2772
Lipka, Jacqueline Student Services Social Worker 2946
Loughran, Vachee Special Education Instructor 2897
Lueder, Eric Engineering, Computer Science & Business Education Instructor 2546
M Department Position Extension
Macejak, Jason Physical Welfare Instructor 2802
Magnuson, Blake English Instructor 2607
Malatesta, David World Languages Instructor 2652
Manu, Sebastian Technology System and Network Engineer 3924
Matesi, Alexis English Instructor 2598
McCabe, Kathleen Niles Central Paraprofessional 3127
McClure, Reginald Niles Central Clerk 3100
McEnery, Elizabeth ELL Paraprofessional 2661
McGovern, Meghan Science Instructor 2265
McKee, Josh Science Paraprofessional 2770
McKeown, Nathan Special Education Paraprofessional 2971
Metallo, Lou  Engineering, Computer Science & Business Education Instructor  2550
Roth (Metoyer), Stacy Physical Welfare Instructor 2811
Metzler, John Science Instructor 2795
Meyer, Joseph Social Studies Instructor 2861
Miller, Timothy Mathematics Instructor 2744
Mills, Jennifer Special Education Speech Pathologist 2381
Moran, Leonore Special Education   2893
Moscovitch, Natalie Mathematics Instructor 2746
Mosier, Amber Mathematics Instructor 2459
Moy, Karissa Mathematics Instructor 2760
Murphy, Sarah Special Education Instructor 2923 
Myer, Jennifer Student Services Paraprofessional 2953
N Department Position Extension
Najder, Jakub Buildings & Grounds Buildings & Grounds 2713
Natzke, Leslie ELL Instructor 2656
Nemo, Tasha English Instructor 2097
Ness, Jason Administration Principal 2510
Neumayer, Josef World Languages Instructor 2642
Nocella, Michael Science Instructor 2460
Nolan-Bridges, Mary Main Office Testing Coordinator 2517
Norberg, Holly Physical Welfare Paraprofessional 2826
Nortillo, Robert Mathematics Instructor 2747
Nowak, Earl World Languages Instructor 2646
O Department Position Extension
Ocasio, Vanesa Student Services Counselor  2688
Oddo, Eric Communications Director 2870
Odell, Katie Student Activities Director 2921
Orlandi, Cathy Special Education Executive Secretary 2881
Ortiz, Becky Special Education Secretary 2885
Otter, Nancy Special Education Rehabilitation Services Supervisor 2876
P Department Position Extension
Papaioannou, Vasillios Student Services Paraprofessional 2666
Park, Eunice Student Services College Resource Clerk 2594
Parker, Donna Equity Family Liaison: Affinity 2461
Parker, Michael Mathematics Paraprofessional 2916
Patel, Parin Science Instructor 2793
Patel, Poonam Science Instructor 2244
Patel, Tapan World Languages Instructor 2462
Pawelski, Jennifer Special Education Paraprofessional 2907
Pechter, Michael  Security Director of Security 2844
Penney, Autumn Science Instructor 2797
Perez, Fernando Physical Welfare Athletics Trainer-PM 2823
Philbin, Cynthia ELL Assistant Director of ELL 2655
Phillips, Craig Technology Student Tech and Apps 2728
Pistorius, William Social Studies Instructor 2327
Pope, Jerry Student Services National College Advisor 3947
Poulakidas, Joy Special Education Paraprofessional  2913
Powell, Chris Engineering, Computer Science & Business Education Director 2540
Protus-Edelstein, Cindy Science Instructor 2766
Przekota, John Social Studies Asst. Director of Humanities, Social Studies / Instructor 2850
Przekota, Kristie Special Education Paraprofessional 2878
Q Department Position Extension
Qian, Yan World Languages Instructor 2154
Quigley, Gwen English Instructor  2619
Quinlan, Daniel English Instructor 2610
R Department Position Extension
Ramirez, Mario Special Education Paraprofessional 2577
Ramseyer, Elizabeth Science Instructor 2765
Ramseyer, Steve Physical Welfare Instructor 2805
Rauf, Subica ELL/World Languages   2474
Rauser, Lynne Mathematics Instructor 2748
Relihan, Jane Main Office Duplicating Services 2509
Reynolds, Nicole Physical Welfare Instructor 2817
Richards, Heidi Main Office Executive Secretary 2521
Richmond, Tim Engineering, Computer Science & Business Education Instructor 2556
Rifkin, Helen Library Clerk 2609
Rigby, Mark Main Office Assistant Principal, Operations 2520
Roche, Andrew Mathematics Instructor 2778
Rodriguez, Natalie World Languages Instructor 2645
Anderson (Romanchuck), Kaitlin Fine & Applied Arts Instructor 2548
Rose, Jennifer Niles Central Social Worker 3140
Rosen, Dawn Student Services Nurse 2942
Rossa, Lisa English Instructor 2596
Roth, Emily Science Instructor 2792 
Roth (Metoyer), Stacy Physical Welfare Instructor 2811
Rusk, Daniel Mathematics Instructor 2745
Russell-Kawa, Colleen Security   2847
S Department Position Extension
Sadoski, Destiny Student Services Nurse 2941
Saleem, Razia ELL Tutor 2676
Sanchez, Carolyn World Languages Instructor 2650
Eisenberg (Santiago), Kristin Student Services Scheduler 2934
Schero, Dianna Athletics Executive Secretary 2803
Schmidt, Tina Science Instructor 2768
Schmitt, Jason English Instructor 2602
Schnabel, Mary Jo Special Education Instructor 2884
Scholl, Ryan Technology Technician 2725
Schram, Susan Science Instructor 2782
Schwartz, Beverly Special Education Vocational Coordinator 2912
Schwarz, Chris Social Studies Instructor 2862
Schwarz, Christopher M. English Paraprofessional 2612
Seider, Rory Student Services Paraprofessional 2938
Senf, Sean Science Paraprofessional 2771
Serafini, Anthony Science Instructor 2788
Serpico, Joseph Science Instructor 2769
Shadel, Steven Mathematics K-12 Math Director  
Shafran, Olga Mathematics Instructor 2775
Shah, Hetal Mathematics Instructor 2755
Shamoun, Flora Main Office Clerk 2507
Shemroske, Dominique Library Secretary 2701
Shenoo, Dominika Student Services   2968
Shor, Susan English Paraprofessional 2593
Siemienski, Jerzy Buildings & Grounds Facilities Manager 2717
Sinclair, Andy Fine & Applied Arts Instructor 2638
Sinnick, Jenifer Engineering, Computer Science & Business Education Instructor 2544
Sipiera, Jennifer Science Instructor 2787
Sivicek, Courtney Student Services Nurse 2940
Slife, Cameron Science Instructor 2777
Smetana, David Athletics Trainer 2824
Smith, Jacqueline Student Services Assistant Director 2964
Snow, Tricia World Languages Instructor 2674
Soltys, Lance Technology AV Technician 2710
Sortino, Deanna Fine & Applied Arts Instructor 2562
Sosa, Lia English Instructor 2597
Spiratos, Veronica Student Services Intern 2962
Splinter, Heidi  Student Service Counselor  2686
Stallard, Kelly Library Librarian 2702
Stamler, Allison Special Education DRS Employment Specialist 2869
Stanford, Jason Social Studies Instructor 2872
Stephenson, Joaquin Physical Welfare Director 2828
Stern, Mitch Student Services Counselor 2683
Suarez, Andrew World Languages Instructor 2155
Sullivan, Patrick Niles Central Paraprofessional 2958
Sullivan, Peggy Special Education Paraprofessional 2903
Sullivan, Timothy Engineering, Computer Science & Business Education Instructor 2078
Swanson, Sharon English Instructor 2613
Sweircz (Zolper), Rachael Science Instructor 2779
Szczepaniak, James Community Relations Director 3958
T Department Position Extension
Tado, Cynthia Engineering, Computer Science & Business Education Executive Secretary 2541
Toy, Daniel Special Education Instructor 2874
Trachsel, Karen Special Education Instructor 2891
Trevino, Michael Library Clerk 2703
Tripkos, Dimitri Science   2754
Tucker, Amy Attendance and Deans Dean 2534
Tuecke, Rebecca Physical Welfare Instructor 2812
Turner-Baker, Anita Fine & Applied Arts Executive Secretary 2561
Tuttle, Tiffanie Fine & Applied Arts Instructor 2554
Tzortzis, Angela Social Studies Instructor 2858
V Department Position Extension
VanAlstin, Joyce Student Services Counselor 2692
Vana, John Mathematics Instructor 2471
VanderJeugdt, Dan Physical Welfare Instructor 2809
Verceles (Madigan), Jessica Mathematics Instructor 2739
Villa, JulieAnn Science Instructor 2798
Vincic, Alex Security Police Liason 2840
Vivone, Chris Physical Welfare Instructor 2810
W Department Position Extension
Wagner, Sarah Mathematics Paraprofessional  2757
Waldron, Shaun Social Studies Instructor 2853
Dubay (Wall), Kerry Fine & Applied Arts Instructor 2572
Warren, Richard Special Education Paraprofessional 2888
Wasielewski, Michael Social Studies Instructor 2860 
Weatherington, Jody English Instructor 2605
Weatherington, Matt Social Studies Instructor 2852
Weinketz, Sandra Textbook Center Manager 2590
Weitzel, Monica Niles Central Social Worker 3139
Wells, La Wanna Equity Director 2526
Westervelt, Jenny Special Education Instructor  2900
Wheatman, Judy Main Office Executive Secretary 2511
Whitefield, Denise Special Education Instructor 2901
Wiberg, Ann Special Education Instructor 2890
Wiedeman, Stan Mathematics Paraprofessional 2759
Wiemer, Matthew Social Studies Instructor 2867
Wilson, Brad ELL Instructor 2659
Wismer, Barbara Fine & Applied Arts Instructor 2635
Wittersheim, Bryan Physical Welfare Instructor 2822
Wronski, Stacey Textbook Center Clerk 2591
Wu, Brittany Science Instructor  2796
Y Department Position Extension
Yalda, Dorothy ELL Tutor 2677
Yousif, Joann ELL Tutor 2678
Z Department Position Extension
Zilewicz, John Fine & Applied Arts Instructor 2632
Zilligen, Dale Buildings & Grounds Mechanic 2714
Zwikel, Amy  Fine & Applied Arts Instructor  2634