Visitor Access & Parking

Check-in Procedures:

All visitors to Niles West during the school day must report to the Main Lobby Security Desk at the main entrance. All visitors must be identified by showing a Government issued picture ID card, it's the law, (Driver’s License or State ID Card). ID Card will be held by Security until the completion of your visit at Niles West. All visitors are encouraged to make an appointment in advance with the staff member they wish to see, all visitors will be escorted to their designated location.

If the visitor does not have an appointment, security will make a courtesy call to the staff member, but if he/she does not answer, the visitor may be turned away and asked to make an appointment.

Students visiting will need prior authorization from Administration, produced list will be provided to security. A person picking up a student must be an authorized Parent/Legal Guardian or prior authorization is needed in order for the student to be allowed to leave. Security can not make this decision, Parent/Legal Guardian must give authorization to the Dean's office to allow such action.


Niles West Security patrols the parking lots in a continuing effort to create a safe campus. Security is also charged with the responsibility of warning and ticketing parking violators on campus property.

The lots are restricted to students and staff with valid parking stickers, as well as registered visitors, on school days from 8:00am until 3:30pm. The restrictions are lifted after 3:30pm on school days. There are no parking restrictions on weekends and non-school days.

The Niles West Campus has (3) Parking Lots, they are:

1. West Lot, accessed from Oakton Street, is the Student Lot. During the school day, contains all student parking,        some staff parking and overflow visitor parking. Outside of the school day, students, as well as spectators to theatre, concert and sporting events will generally park in the West Lot.
2. North Lot, accessed from Gross Point Road, is the Staff Lot only on a school day. Outside of the school day, student athletes and spectators to some of the outdoor athletic events will generally park in the North Lot.
3. Visitor Lot, located near the main entrance. It is accessed from Oakton and Menard Streets, just east of the main entrance.
*During the school day, Visitors are required to park in the Visitor Lot and register their vehicle as part of the Visitors Check-In Procedure. If the visitor spaces are full, then visitors are permitted to park in any valid space in the West Lot. Visitors must register their vehicle with the Security Officer located at the front desk Main Lobby Entrance, whether parked in a visitor space or a regular space.*