Student Parking


• The student must hold a valid operator’s license for the State of Illinois.
• The student agrees to show proof of auto insurance coverage by showing insurance
   identification or copy of policy if requested.
• The student must complete Student Parking Permit application online.
• The Niles West student agrees to park in the student designated area ONLY.
• Student agrees to affix school parking sticker to the right side of the windshield.
• The student agrees not to loiter in or around the parking lot or interior roads.
• Students leaving for lunch in the same vehicle will meet in the parking lot and leave from the parking lot. *Picking up passengers in the Auditorium Circle or clearly marked fire lanes is not allowed during school hours.
• Students will park their vehicles within the parking spaces identified by the yellow
• Student will inform Security when new license plates are issued and pick up new
   parking permits.
Students who park on school property may have their vehicles searched at the
   discretion of the Deans, SRO, Director of Security or his/her designee.
• Students who accumulate a total of (2) Truancies per semester will lose their
   parking privileges for up to a semester with NO REFUND.
• Students who are placed on Social Probation can have their parking privileges suspended or taken away with NO REFUND.
• Students who park in locations assigned to staff members will be considered
   insubordinate, will receive disciplinary consequences and the loss of the parking
   privilege if it applies.

  2. Pay online via Campus Parent Portal (LINK) Fee: $300.00 annual or $175 per semester. Payment can only be made online via Campus Portal (use link below).

Parking Permits will be given out ONLY after the online registration form is completed, the necessary documents are reviewed and all outstanding fees and fines from the previous school years have been paid to the Bookkeeper’s Office. Registration opens on July 26th at 8:00am. Registering online does not guarantee a parking permit. After online registration is completed and payments are received,  please allow at least 24 hours for processing. Parking permits will be distributed on a first come, first served basis during textbook pick-up.

Distribution dates: 

August 7th & August 8th – 8:00am to 12:00pm

August 9th & 10th – 8:00am to 2:00pm to 7:00pm

August 11th 8:00 to 12:00pm

Eligibility: Administration & Staff will establish a process (with Board approval) for
allocating parking permits, based on available spaces, and will communicate to the students before the start of school.


  • Must use the online registration form to obtain a parking sticker.       
  • Completed application in full. *Student must agree to all parking rules and regulations.
  • Once a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance and parking payment fee ($300) is received & verified, parking stickers will then be issued.

*The Bookkeeper will establish payment procedures*

Penalties: *Students without a proper parking pass will be ticketed. Any driving violation
   can result in the loss of driving privileges with NO REFUND.                                                                                                


Any violation of the rules will result in a citation being issued pursuant to Section 51 of Chapter 47 of the Skokie Code of Ordinances.