Dear Parents/Guardian and Students,

Students enjoy a variety of electronic devices that previously had not been available. From Laptops, iPads & Cellular Phones are with each of our students on a daily basis. Due to the vulnerability of the locker rooms and the inability to supplement security cameras in these areas, the following recommendations are made:

  • LIMIT THE NUMBER OF VALUABLES. Bring with you only what helps support your educational day.
  • NEVER LEAVE YOUR VALUABLES UNATTENDED. Keep a watchful eye on your backpack.
  • SECURE YOUR VALUABLES IN YOUR HALL LOCKER. Your school hall locker is the safest place for your valuables if you are not able to keep them on your person. Remember you and your locker partner are the only people who have the combination to your locker, so please don’t share your combination and NEVER PRESET YOUR COMBINATION.
  • NO VALUABLES IN LOCKER ROOMS. *IT IS ILLEGAL to bring any type of electronic item with a recording device into a locker room, but as demonstrated by gyms, health clubs and park districts across the nation, the locker room is the most vulnerable spot for a theft to occur.
  • SECURE YOUR VALUABLES. All students entering the locker room for class should be issued a lock. It is important that each student take time to ensure that each of their valuables is secured in the locker with a lock that is properly secured.
  • RED LOCK. In the event a school official finds a locker in the locker room unsecured it will then be secured by the use of a red lock. The red lock supplied by the school will only be removed after the student is properly identified.

Most thefts occur because valuables are left out in the open and unsecured. It is our goal to create the safest environment as possible. It is important that students and staff partner together to keep our school hallways and locker rooms secure and theft free. Please LOCK your valuables in your hall locker's .