Campus Safety


With the start of the 2020-2021 school year quickly approaching I would like to take this opportunity to discuss safety and parking on the Niles West High School (NWHS) campus.

During times when students are being dropped off or picked up from NWHS traffic is at its peak. Ensuring that students are safe is our shared responsibility. Security Officers in bright green vests will assist you in achieving an expeditious and safe drop-off and pick-up experience by directing traffic. However, due to the large number of vehicles entering and exiting our campus during these times, it is imperative that all drivers be alert, exercise patience and be courteous to one another while adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Always allow extra time when dropping off or picking up students so you’re not worried about being late to work, or your student being late to class.
  • When dropping off a student on the north (Oakton Street) side of the campus, DO NOT block the front entrance to the High School or the painted pedestrian crosswalks.
  • When dropping off a student on the south side of the campus, DO NOT enter the Bus Lane (a sign is posted), and please tell your student to exercise caution when crossing the Bus Lane. Minimize delays by planning ahead! Please have your student’s belongings ready to go, and have conversations with your student prior to drop off. Be courteous to fellow parents by not holding up traffic.
  • Crosswalks are provided to protect you and your student, use them! When you approach a crosswalk in your vehicle the pedestrians always have the right-of-way!
  • Stop signs mean STOP! You MUST completely stop the forward motion of your vehicle. Stop signs do not mean slow down or continue through because you are in a hurry, or you think nobody is crossing. Avoid a collision and a ticket… stop at the stop signs!