Al Lopez District 219 Director Of Safety & Security

Tel: 847.626-2310 E: [email protected]

Welcome to the Niles West Security Website. The Niles Township High School Board of Education’s mission is to provide a student focused learning environment that improves the academic achievement of every student. The Security Department supports that mission with its own mission to provide a safe and secure atmosphere conducive for teaching and learning to take place for the students and staff of Niles West.

Niles West Security Department is located in Room 1117, next to the Attendance/Deans Office . All students should report any lost or stolen items immediately to any Security Officer located in the building or come directly to Room 1117. In the event that no one is present in Room 1117 you should go directly to the front desk located in the Main Lobby.

Locker information: During the normal school day locker information can be obtained from the desk officer at the Main Entrance Lobby.

Parking: Please visit this link for Parking Permit Process details. If you have any further questions about parking permits, contact Main office at (847) 626-2500.

Student Agreement for Parking Privileges:
In order to park a vehicle on District 219 property, students MUST have in their possession a valid Driver’s License for the State of Illinois at all times and must be able to present proof of auto insurance upon request.  Student parking is ONLY allowed in a marked, legal parking space in the student parking lot.  The Niles West High School permit sticker MUST be affixed, unobstructed, on the lower right hand side of the windshield.  Absolutely no loitering, cruising, or reckless driving is allowed on District 219 property.  NWHS Security MUST be informed, in a timely manner, of any changes to vehicle information, including insurance and license plates.  Transferring the parking permit to another vehicle or sharing it with another person is not permitted.  Doing so will result in revocation of parking privileges with no refund.  Security staff will monitor Niles West parking lots, to ensure compliance.  

Lost/Found: Items found on the campus are brought to room 1117.  In the event that no one is present in Room 1117, you should go directly to the front desk located in the Main Lobby.  If an item is lost on a school bus please contact the Main Lobby Desk either in person or by telephone at (847) 626-2842.


Please secure your personal items at all times. Any items found unsecured in the building will be taken to the Security or Deans’ office.

Security Department Personnel:

Main Lobby Security Desk (847) 626-2842

Baker – Per Mar Security Site Supervisor/Shift Lead – Days (847) 626-2843

DePietro – Shift Lead-Evenings

Mann – Shift Lead-Midnights