Assistant Principal of Operations

Steve Parnther

Assistant Principal of Student Services

Dr. Antwan Babakhani

Assistant Director of Student Services

Tim Naatz

Dean of College Counseling

Jerry Pope

Athletic Director

Dr. Dana Krilich

Assistant Athletic Director

Terri Laux

Director of ELL

Ricardo Aceves

Director of Engineering, Computer Science & Business

Chris Powell

Director of English

Dr. Michael Kucera

Chief Equity Officer

La Wanna Wells

Facilities Manager

Marcus Holleran

Director of Fine Arts

Patti-Anne Davis Ford

Director of Mathematics

Lucas Leavenworth

Director of Physical Welfare

Omar Alebiosu

Director of Science

Ami LeFevre

Director of Security


Director of Social Studies

Martin Zacharia

Director of Special Education

Stephanie Hentz

Assistant Director of Special Education

Amy Bartlett

Director of Student Activities

Katie Odell

Director of Transition Services

Kate Seiwert

Assistant Director of Transition Services

Bernadette Komenda

Director of World Languages

Todd Bowen