West Health Services

Mission Statement

Dedicated to excellence and service at Niles West High School. The Nurse's Office mission is to meet the health needs of the students, faculty and staff in a compassionate and culturally-sensitive manner.


  • Keeping cumulative medical records of all students; reviewing all medical examination records for specials needs; and making necessary adjustments such as extra time between classes, rest time following surgery, severe illness or accident, preferential seating for vision or hearing loss, adaptations in the Physical Education program.
  • Interpreting special health needs of students to faculty members, and participating in conferences concerning students whenever appropriate.
  • Carrying out vision and hearing screening.
  • Providing emergency care of ill or injured students.
  • Administering prescribed or over-the-counter medications such as Advil and Tylenol, as authorized on the Medication Form.


  • Students visiting the Nurse's Office during a scheduled class must obtain a pass from the teacher.
  • Students who have been absent for illness three or more days in a row must obtain a re-admission slip from the Nurse's Office before returning to class. A note from the physician is required indicating that a student may return to school following (1) surgery or other hospitalizations, (2) a communicable disease, (3) homebound instruction, and (4) absences of six days or more. Limitations on physical activity and recommendations for rest periods should also be noted.
  • Students returning to school following a psychiatric hospitalization must bring a note to the Nurse's Office from the psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, or clinical social worker.
  • Students with casts and/or crutches should also bring a note from the physician relative to limitations. The Nurse's Office will issue an Early Pass to a student requiring additional passing time.
  • A pass is required to use the elevator.
  • Illinois State Law requires proof that the required health exams and immunizations be completed.

Student Health Documentation

Illinois State Law requires proof that the required health exams and immunizations be completed.

Students who do not comply may be subject to exclusion from school until requirements are met.

The following is important information regarding requirements to enter high school, guidelines for immunizations, links to forms, and how to contact your school's health office.

Documents can be uploaded in the Campus Parent portal.
Once logged into the portal, click on "More", "Portal Forms and Resources", then "Health Documents Upload".

School Code of Illinois and the Department of Health:

The School Code of Illinois and the Department of Health have the following requirements to enter high school.

  1. All students entering high school for the first time must have a complete physical examination reported on the specific State of Illinois "Certificate of Child Health Exam" form. signed by a licensed physician, Advanced Practice Nurse, or Physician's Assistant This includes all freshmen and transfer students.
  2. All immunization dates since birth must be recorded (month, date, and year) on the top portion of the physical exam form. They must meet required standards of the Illinois Department of Public Health and be signed by your physician or health care professional.
  3. Please complete and sign the Health History section on the back of the physical form. If this mandatory section is incomplete or unsigned, the physical will be returned to you.
  4. Make a copy of your student's completed health forms for your records.
  5. If your student is in sports. this entrance physical can be used as a sports physical for 13 months. ln order for a student to be eligible for the complete school year, it should be dated after May 1st. Please return the completed sports physical to the Athletic Department Office, not the Health Center
  6. The State of Illinois requires an eye examination by a physician or optometrist if a student is enrolling in school in Illinois for the first time, and an eye examination report is required lo be turned in to the school health office by October 15.
  7. Medical Contraindication: Requires an examiner's statement detailing the specific medical condition that prevents the child from receiving the vaccine and its projected duration. If the condition of the child later permits immunization, the requirement will have to be met.
  8. Religious Exemption: Requires the filing of the Illinois Certificate of Religious Exemption, signed by a health care provider, detailing objections to physical exam, health screenings, and/or immunizations on religious grounds.

Guidelines for Immunizations

Immunization History must include specific dates (month, date, and year) and include at least the minimum number of doses at the intervals noted below:

  1. Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus: Requires a minimum of three doses. All students entering high school must provide evidence of having received one dose ofTdap (first available in 2005).
  2. Polio: Requires a minimum of three doses. The final dose must be received on or after the fourth birthday.
  3. Varicella (Chickenpox): Requires two doses, the first after 12 months of age.
  4. Hepatitis B: Requires three doses.
  5. Measles: Requires two doses, the first after 12 months of age.
  6. Mumps: Requires two doses, the first after 12 months of age.
  7. Rubella: Requires two doses, the first after 12 months of age.
  8. Meningitis: Seniors require proof of two doses
  9. Covid-19:  Non-required vaccine

Important Forms

* - reminder to please complete, sign, and date the Health History section of the physical

Medical/Medication Authorization Form

Any student who needs to take medication during the school day needs to have this medical authorization form completed by a healthcare provider and signed by a parent/guardian. A reminder that each prescription medication needs to have a new corresponding form completed each school year.

Action Plans

A new Action Plan (if applicable) needs to be completed each school year.

To contact your school’s health office: