Campus Student Mobile Portal

The new Mobile Campus Portal is available via the iPhone Apps store and the Google Play Store.

Student App

Connecting to District 219.

  • Prior to entering your username and password,  first search for your district by district name and state.
    • For District name, type in niles.
    • Select Illinois for the Select State dropdown.
    • Click Search District.
    • Select Niles Twp Comm (Niles k-12).
  • An email login screen may display. If you have your username and password, click the Parent button on the upper left. This will take you to the login screen.

student email

  • Enter your Infinite Campus portal login information.



The Mobile App will present the same as the desktop Student Campus Portal. Click here for detailed instructions.

NOTE: In order to receive mobile notifications, mobile users must check "Stay logged in" when logging in to receive mobile notifications.