Navigating the Student Portal: More

Click More at the bottom of the Menu on the left of the screen to access additional menu choices:


Address Information: Display address information for the student's household(s).

Assessments: Displays a list of the student's test scores for state, national and district tests.

Demographics: Displays information for the student and for any non-household relationships.

Family Information: Displays demographic information for all family members including phone and email information.

Health: Displays a list of recorded vaccinations, immunizations and screenings and whether the student is in compliance or not.

Important Dates: Displays important dates such as holidays, late starts, and other school calendar events.

Lockers: Displays the student’s locker number, location and combination.

Transportation: Displays bus information.

D219 Summer: Opens the Summer School website, displaying course registration, procedures and rules, and payments.

Student Reports: Displays a new page with links to the Student Reports (including grade reports reports, student test scores and awards and goals/iCare Information).