Account Settings

Click the user menu at the top right of screen to establish specific notification settings.

  • Click on Settings. Four different Setting options will display.
  • Notification Settings:
    • Set thresholds for the notifications you would like to receive or opt out of specific notifications. Thresholds can be set so that notifications are only sent when a grade or score falls below a certain percentage or a lunch balance falls below the selected dollar amount. Click the arrows to change the threshold or click and drag the dot.
  • Account Settings:
    • Update the security email on record or change password. Strong passwords are enforced, meaning that passwords should have a mix of letters, number, and characters to make them more secure.
  • Contact Preferences:
    • Manage your contact preferences by selecting the desired language and how you would like to receive messages.  For each notification type, select how you prefer to receive messages by checking Voice, Text (SMS), or Email.