Niles West Special Education Staff

E-MAIL ADDRESS: In District 219, e-mail addresses for staff members consist of the first three letters of the first name, followed by the first three letters of the last name followed by our organization name:
Example: "Mary Smith" would be
FACULTY WEB PAGES: The names of faculty members who have created web pages for their courses or extra-curricular activities are displayed as hyperlinks.
EXTENSIONS: Dial 847-626-(extension) to reach any of the staff listed below.

WEST SPED FAX NUMBER: 847-626-3499

Allen, MattParaprofessional2959
Aviles, Osvaldo (Ozzie)Paraprofessional2902
Bartlett, AmyAssist. Director of Special Education2886
Batista, AdrianInstructor2922
Brandes-Elwell, KathleenInstructor2895
Bubley, LauraParaprofessional2396
Casey, CaitlinInstructor2905
Chan, AnnalizzaParaprofessional2907
Collins, KaraParaprofessional2896
Contreras, CherilynParaprofessional2918
Defelice, SeanInstructor2925
Dribin-Khoshaba, ElizabethInstructor2894
English, LarryParaprofessional2914
Fontillas, JacquelineExecutive Secretary to Director2881
Galvez, LynetteParaprofessional2917
Gates, TonyParaprofessional2915
Genovesi, AnthonyInstructor3130
Grossman, MichaelInstructor2578
Grunst, MarieInstructor2892
Hall, LaurenInstructor2883
Hentz, StephanieDirector of Special Education2880
Hindel, Lisa ReneeInstructor2909
Infanti, KatrinaSpeech Language Pathologist2899
Kennedy, ShaunInstructor2910
Kim, GloriaParaprofessional2577
Kljajic, MarkoParaprofessional2906
Komenda, BernadetteAsst. Director of Transition Services2348
Landau, MatthewInstructor2911
Lee, LorenTesting Coordinator2879
Loughran, VacheeInstructor2897
McKeown, NateParaprofessional2971
Mitchell, DeitrickInstructor2581
Moran, LenoreParaprofessional2893
Murphy, SarahInstructor2923
Odom-Gibson, AhmadParaprofessional2919
Ortiz, RebeccaSecretary2885
Poulakidas, JoyParaprofessional2410
Przekota, KristieParaprofessional2878
Schnabel, Mary JoInstructor2884
Schwartz, BeverlyRehabilitation Services Assistant2912
Seiwert, KateDirector of Transition Services2344
Toy, DanielInstructor2874
Trachsel, KarenInstructor2891
Warren, RickyParaprofessional2888
Whitefield, DeniseInstructor2901
Westervelt, JennySpeech Language Pathologist2900
Wiberg, AnnInstructor2890

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