Niles North Special Education Staff

E-MAIL ADDRESS: In District 219, e-mail addresses for staff members consist of the first three letters of the first name, followed by the first three letters of the last name followed by our organization name:
Example: "Mary Smith" would be
FACULTY WEB PAGES: The names of faculty members who have created web pages for their courses or extra-curricular activities are displayed as hyperlinks.
EXTENSIONS: Dial 847-626-(extension) to reach any of the staff listed below.


Arnold, DebraParaprofessional2376
Ballweg, DavidParaprofessional2926
Bias, JohnParaprofessional2418
Bumbaris, DanielParaprofessional2444
Casey, DanielTeacher2336
Cherry, JondaParaprofessional2195
Davis, AndreaPreVoc / Teacher2065
Di Vito, BrandyTeacher2351
Di Zillo, JosephTeacher3142
Dornseif, RonTeacher2359
Elarde, LindaParaprofessional2403
Ellis, NikkiTeacher2375
Faber, JanDepartment Secretary2371
FitzPatrick, JohnVocational / Paraprofessional2413
Geist, KateAssistant Director of Special Education2370
Gertler, SydneySpeech Pathologist2338
Gonzalez, EdwinParaprofessional2216
Green, KeilaDepartment Secretary2374
Holbrook, MattParaprofessional2405
Hurley, RichParaprofessional2431
Joffe, MatthewParaprofessional2415
Kannokada, ManojTeacher2373
Karottu, AbyTeacher2337
Komenda, BernadetteAssistant Director of Transition Services2348
Komo, NatalieTeacher2346
Kriticos, JamesParaprofessional2441
Kruszynski, MarkCo-Facilitator / Paraprofessional2389
Marinis, ThomasParaprofessional2453
Matalas, AmyTeacher2347
Meehan, ErinTeacher2356
Mills, JenniferSpeech Pathologist2381
Murphy, CedrickParaprofessional2407
Murphy, KevinParaprofessional2440
Nieman, JeffTeacher2354
Orihuela, JoannaParaprofessional2193
Orlandi, CatherineExecutive Secretary to the Director2340
Rashkow, DonnaParaprofessional2382
Robin, AllenParaprofessional2442
Sanabria, JaclynTeacher3148
Seiwert, KateDirector of Transition Services
and Private Day
Shaw, AndreParaprofessional2191
Shay, ElizabethTeacher2378
Singer, MatthewDirector of Special Education2370
Stacewicz, JohnParaprofessional2385
Stewart, MaggieTeacher2380
Stroesser-Schmidt, YvetteDRS / Employment Specialist2367
Theis, JessicaTeacher2368
Tichy, TonyTeacher2345
Tom, AllenCo - Facilitator / Paraprofessional2956
Torresso, NickTeacher2377
Turner, MeganDRS Coordinator2877
Vlaskovic, BozanaParaprofessional2194
Vlaskovic, MihajloParaprofessional2399
Wells, JustinTeacher2355
Williams, DougParaprofessional2398
Zavell, AnneIIC / Teacher2358
Zera, TomTransition / Teacher2898