Niles North Special Education Staff

E-MAIL ADDRESS: In District 219, e-mail addresses for staff members consist of the first three letters of the first name, followed by the first three letters of the last name followed by our organization name:
Example: "Mary Smith" would be [email protected]
FACULTY WEB PAGES: The names of faculty members who have created web pages for their courses or extra-curricular activities are displayed as hyperlinks.
EXTENSIONS: Dial 847-626-(extension) to reach any of the staff listed below.


Niles North - Special Education Staff


Name Position Phone
Arnold, Debra Paraprofessional 847-626-2376
Bias, John Paraprofessional 847-626-2418
Benjamin, Caroline Teacher 847-626-2401
Casey, Daniel Teacher 847-626-2336
Cherry, Jonda Paraprofessional 847-626-2195
Cornejo, Laurie Special Ed Testing Coordinator 847-626-2457
Davis, Andrea Pre-Vocational / Teacher 847-626-2065
Di Vito, Brandy Teacher 847-626-2351
Di Zillo, Joseph Teacher 847-626-3142
Dornseif, Ron Teacher 847-626-2359
Elarde, Linda Paraprofessional 847-626-2403
Fischer, Laura Department Secretary 847-626-2374
Fitzpatrick, John Vocational / Paraprofessional 847-626-2413
Foster, Carrie Teacher 847-626-2354
Geist, Kate Assistant Director of Special Education 847-626-2370
Gertler, Sydney Speech Pathologist 847-626-2338
Kannokada, Manoj Teacher 847-626-2373
Kruszynski, Mark Co-Facilitator / Paraprofessional 847-626-2389
Marinis, Thomas Paraprofessional 847-626-2453
Matalas, Amy Teacher 847-626-2347
Meehan, Erin Teacher 847-626-2356
Mills, Jennifer Speech Pathologist 847-626-2381
Murphy, Kevin Paraprofessional 847-626-2440
Orihuela, Joanna Paraprofessional 847-626-2193
Orlandi, Catherine Administrative Secretary 847-626-2340
Robin, Allen Paraprofessional 847-626-2442
Shay, Elizabeth Teacher 847-626-2378
Singer, Matthew Director of Special Education 847-626-2370
Stacewicz, John Paraprofessional 847-626-2385
Stroesser-Schmidt, Yvette DRS / Employment Specialist 847-626-2367
Theis, Jessica Teacher 847-626-2368
Tichy, Tony Teacher 847-626-2345
Tom, Allen Co - Facilitator / Paraprofessional 847-626-2956
Torresso, Nick Teacher 847-626-2377
Turner, Megan DRS Coordinator 847-626-2877
Twillie, Manuel Paraprofessional 847-626-2398
Vlaskovic, Bozana Paraprofessional 847-626-2194
Vlaskovic, Mihajlo Paraprofessional 847-626-2399
Williams, Doug Paraprofessional 847-626-2398
Whyte, Anthony Teacher 847-626-2197
Zavell, Anne IIC / Teacher 847-626-2358
Zera, Tom Transition / Teacher 847-626-2898