Model UN

Model UN is sponsored by national colleges and universities whose very own Model UN students provide mock environments of the world’s United Nations. At their provided conventions, D219 students have the opportunity to learn parliamentary style debating skills when acting as UN delegates from nations all over the world. In our real high school world, as many as 2,500 teen delegates from as far as Canada and California attend these conventions. The program invites our students to join who love to debate international issues, and would find several weekends of fun inspiring of learned debate skills, and well researched papers of politics. You can even act as an International reporter.

Mock Trial

District 219 Mock Trial teams compete in functional courtrooms in the Chicago land area. Mock trials are set up and structured just like a real court, bound by similar rules. This can help the students to know exactly what role each of the different people in a court (judges, lawyers, witnesses, etc.) do in the judicial system. D219 teams also host a Mock Trial Invitational at the Skokie Courthouse in January and they also participate in the state competition held on the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign campus in March.