Driver Education

The classroom and behind-the-wheel phases of Driver Education are offered in an integrated program for a full semester.  The classroom and behind the wheel portions of the course are administered at both Niles North High School and Niles West High School during the regular school day.  Students will complete the state-mandated six hour behind-the-wheel requirement.  Content includes: existing and proposed rules of the road, physical, social, and mental factors affecting the driver, concepts necessary for safe motoring, understanding the functions of a motor vehicle, teaching of motor skills, visual skills, application of laws, driving emergencies, accurate judgments and properly-timed correct responses.  Students must be 15 years old prior to the beginning of the class to be scheduled for Driver Education.  The Driver Education fee must be paid to the bookkeeper prior to receiving the permit packet.  Once payment is made the Drivers Education packet will be mailed out 30 prior to the class starting. No grace period is in effect.  If, for some reason, a student decides not to take Driver Education, he/she must return the permit application packet in order to receive a refund.

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