Welcome to the Physical Welfare website.

Niles Township High Schools offer comprehensive Physical Education, Health and Driver Education programs which will help our students gain the knowledge and skills that will allow them to lead healthy, active, and fulfilling lives. The work in this department is guided by the following three principles: all of our students will realize the ideal of developing “a sound mind in a sound body;” that “fitness is for all”; and because one cannot store it, “fitness must be for a lifetime.”

Click on the link to view: "District 219 + Polar Technology" our new presentation on how Physical Welfare is using Polar Technology throughout our department.

Click on the link to view: "Ignite: A Revolutionary Approach to Physical Education" our new presentation on the Physical Welfare Department.

Click here for: Step by step instructions on how to build your own workout

Click on the link to view: Location of Niles North Physical Welfare Classes.

Click on the link to view: Location of Niles West Physical Welfare Classes.