New Student Registration

Important Note:
Returning high school students DO NOT need to re-register or use Online Registration - they only need to have verified Residency. To do this, login to the Campus Parent portal and follow the link (in the home page messages) to the Residency Verification page.

New Student Registration - (for Current School Year 2022-2023)

To register a new student for the current school year (2022-23), please call and make an appointment with Dan at (847) 626-3938.

2023-2024 New Student Registration

For all students new to the District, please contact the Residency Department to begin the enrollment process.

Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: (847)626-3938

2024-2025 Incoming Freshman (Class of 2028) Registration

Click on the school your 8th grader is currently attending:

- Culver
- East Prairie
- Fairview
- Golf Middle School
- Lincoln Hall (Lincolnwood School Dist 74)
- Lincoln Junior High (Skokie School Dist 69)
- Oliver McCracken
- Old Orchard Jr.
- Parkview

If the current school that your 8th grader attends is NOT LISTED, please contact the Residency Department at [email protected] to begin the enrollment process.

If you have any questions about student registration, please contact your High School registrar's office.

Niles West 847-626-2932
Niles North 847-626-2393


For any Residency questions please send an email to [email protected]