Summer School Book Info

D219 Summer School Location – 2023-24: Niles North Highschool

Textbooks & ID’s:

Students must have their Summer School student ID to receive their books.

Summer School student ID’s will be provided to you prior to the first day of Summer School. There will be no textbook pick up prior to the first day of Summer School.  Books for Summer School will be provided during the first week of school, if needed. Summer School dates and times can be found within the link below.

All students are required to turn in their books on or before the last day of Summer School; those who do not, will be charged the cost of each missing book. Grades will not be mailed until textbooks are returned or  fines are paid.

There will be a $2.00 book return fine for any books returned after Summer School ends.

District 219 Summer School Information Page