Frequently asked questions…

Q. I have lost my book. May I have another one?
A. Yes, however you will be charged for the first book you received. Please do not pay for your lost book unless you are sure that it will not be returned. A refund will only be issued if the book is returned within 10 days of the last day of school.

Q. I am missing a book from the bag I received at the beginning of the school year. May I have it?
A. Yes. If you are missing a required book and the book has not already been checked out to you. If the book has been checked out, you will need to purchase a second book. Every year you will receive a list of the books that are checked out to you with your book bag. Check your list carefully and report discrepancies immediately.

Q. I lost my ID. What should I do?
A. A new ID can be purchased in the Textbook Center for $5.00. ID’s may not be charged to student accounts.

Q. I forgot my ID.
A. A student may purchase a one day temporary ID for $1.00 in the Textbook Center. ID’s may not be charged to student accounts.

Q. I have a change in my schedule. How do I get different books?
A. We can tell you which books you no longer need if you change classes. These books should be returned. We will issue new books for your class once all your textbooks from previous classes are returned.

Q. How do I know which books to return at the end of first semester?
A. A list of all the books that were checked out to you with dates due will be given to you in April. Simply refer to list to see which books need to be returned. You may also look for a “one semester only” sticker on the front of your book. Listen for PA and watch for video announcements for book drop off information.