North Staff Directory

E-MAIL ADDRESS: In District 219, e-mail addresses for staff members consist of the first three letters of the first name, followed by the first three letters of the last name followed by our organization name:
Example: "Mary Smith" would be
FACULTY WEB PAGES: The names of faculty members who have created web pages for their courses or extra-curricular activities are displayed as hyperlinks.
EXTENSIONS: Dial 847-626-(extension) to reach any of the staff listed below.

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Name Department Position Extension
Abas, Brent Mathematics Paraprofessional 2404
Aceves, Richardo ELL Director 2131
Ahlman, Annaliisa English Instructor 2108
Al-Bazi, Calvin Technology Technician 2205
Al-Bazi, Carmen ELL/World Languages Executive Secretary 2133
Alebiosu, Omar Athletics Assistant Athletic Director 2334
Almaraz, Jennifer World Languages Instructor 2147
Amaro, John Social Studies Instructor 2329
Amelianovich, Ashley English Instructor 2087
Amin, Hina Equity Family Liaison - Urdu 2464
Andritsakis, Eleni
Student Activities Executive Secretary 2402
Armour, Mindy Physical Welfare Instructor 2282
Ardam, Riva Science Instructor 2794
Arnold, Deborah Special Education Paraprofessional 2376
Araos, Cathy Science Instructor 2780
Arteaga, Alejandra World Languages Instructor 2142
Attig, Jean Engineering, Computer Science & Business Education Instructor 2071
Barkho, Souzan Equity Family Liaisons -  Arabic, Assyrian 2445
Barney, Sarah Mathematics Instructor 2237
Barrett, Sue Special Education Vision 3468
Barton, Robb Engineering, Computer Science & Business Education Instructor 2077
Baskin, Megan English Instructor 2095
Batti, Imad ELL Paraprofessional 2152
Beeftink, Christine Student Services Counselor 2099
Beeftink, Michael Science Instructor 2250
Behling, James Mathematics Instructor 2451
Benitez, Pamela World Languages Instructor 2137
Benjamin, Caroline Student Activities Director 2401
Bennett, Troy Social Studies Instructor 2856
Bernardi, Kimberly Student Services Psychologist 2438
Berrios, Rachel Humanities Paraprofessional 2424
Bhatt, Karishma Science Instructor 2268
Bildstein, Brett Athletics Director 2281
Bolech, Laura Student Services Assistant Principal 2391
Booker, Gordon Science Instructor 2272
Bordenet, Patricia Social Studies Instructor 2315
Bougdanos, Erika Attendance and Deans Dean 2082
Bowen, Todd World Languages Director 2130
Bradburn, Tony  Humanities Director 2091
Branahl, Jarad ELL/World Languages Language Lab Assistant 2132
VandenBranden, Kaarin Student Services Social Work Intern 2484
Brennan, Meaghan Science Instructor 2248
Brent, Elizabeth Fine & Applied Arts Instructor 2563
Brines, Roy Special Education Paraprofessional 2383
Brines, Christine Student Services College Resource Center 2176
Brown, Henry Attendance and Deans Dean 2084
Bruzzino, Joseph Niles Central Director 3120
Brzezinski, Ben Engineering, Computer Science & Business Education Instructor 2539
Budge, Diana Science Executive Secretary 2220
Camel, Christine Science Instructor 2254
Caplan, Robyn Main Office Bookkeeper 2172
Capuzelo-Akechoud, Linda World Languages Instructor 2144
Casey, Daniel Special Education Instructor 2336
Castillo, Daisy Library Clerk 2180
Cejovic, Filip Main Office Substitute Coordinator 2031
Cerino, Zuleika Engineering, Computer Design & Business Education Executive Secretary 2079
Chan, Albert Social Studies Instructor 2326
Choldin, Kate Niles Central Instructor 3123
Child Care Center     3400
Chu, Gary Mathematics Instructor 2743
Chung, Tom Science Instructor 2262
Chrapko, Olga ELL Paraprofessional 2145
Clarke, Karen Niles Central Instructor 3124
Connell, Melissa Fine & Applied Arts Instructor 2473
Creed, Debbie Main Office Clerk 2014
Cross, Jennifer English Instructor 2098
Dahlberg, Scott Social Studies Director 2311
Daley, Kerry Anne English Instructor 2121
David, Seeseh ELL Paraprofessional 2151
Davis, Andrea Special Education Instructor 2065
Delanty, Sean Mathematics Instructor 2752
Depillo, Carmen Special Education Paraprofessional 2411
Dickman, Matthew Niles Central Instructor 3133
Diggs, Aaron Attendance and Deans Paraprofessional - BAC 2040
Divito, Brandy Special Education Instructor 2351
Di Zillo, Joseph Special Education Instructor 3142
Dornseif, Ronald Special Education Instructor 2359
Dove, Limin World Languages Instructor 2153
Duerig, Joan Student Services Secretary 2395
Duesenberg, Judy Technology Applications Trainer 2209
Edelson, Lisa Engineering, Computer Science & Business Education Education to Careers 2062
Edwards, James Administration Principal 2011
Egofske, Mark Physical Welfare Instructor 2297
Eiseman, Terri Special Education Executive Secretary 2374
Eiseman, Jaclyn Special Education Instructor 3148
Elarde, Linda Special Education Paraprofessional 2368
Ellis, Nikki Special Education Instructor 2375
Endo, Michael Mathematics Paraprofessional 2216
Erickson, Christine Mathematics Instructor 2253
Erickson, Ingrid Science Instructor 2267
Ernst, Sharon Main Office Executive Secretary 2020
Feldman, Diane Special Education Paraprofessional 3136
Feldner, Mark Physical Welfare Strength & Conditioning 2331
Felton, Marlon Administration Assistant Principal of Operations 2021
Ference, Patricia Student Services Scheduler 2394
Fey, Cynthia English Paraprofessional 2104
Fischer, Laura Textbook Center Clerk 2056
Fitzpatrick, John Special Education Paraprofessional 2413
Flahive, Lauren Social Studies Instructor 2118
Floss, Nicole Humanities Clerk 2310
Fogel, Larry Social Studies Instructor 2889
Foster, Carrie Niles Central Instructor 3137
Fowler, Laura Physical Welfare Executive Secretary 2287
Frazier, Jon'ta Textbook Center Manager 2055
French, Denise Student Services Guidance Secretary 2161
Fretzin, Lisa ELL Instructor 2103
Gallagher, Joan Science Director 2221
Garcia, Jessica Science Instructor 2476
Garner, Brent Engineering, Computer Science & Business Education Instructor 2063
Garoppolo, Michael Physical Welfare Instructor 2298
Geist, Kathryn Special Education Assistant Director 2370
General, Robert Special Education Paraprofessional 2408
Genovesi, Anthony Niles Central Instructor 3130
Gillies, Katherine English Instructor 2088
Gjerpen, Katie (Weston) Social Studies Instructor 2455
Glaubke, Margaret Mathematics Instructor 2261
Goethals, Ann English Instructor 2102
Goldman, Shoshana Mathematics Instructor 2223
Gonzalez, David Buildings and Grounds GCA Mechanic 2042
Gooden, Ricky Special Education Paraprofessional 2414
Gordon, Jeffrey Security Truant Officer 2041
Goss, Sydney Special Education Speech Pathologist 2338
Green, Keila Special Education Secretary 2374
Greene, Brian Niles Central Instructor 3125
Greenspan, Bradley Science Instructor 2257
Gregerman, Daniel Fine & Applied Arts Instructor 2115
Giuletti-Schmitt, Allegra Student Services College and Career Counselor 2170
Haberl, James English Instructor 2089
Hankes, Angela Engineering, Computer Science & Business Education Instructor 2066
Hanson, Courtney English Instructor 2466
Harding-Warren, April Mathematics Executive Secretary 2271
Hawthorne, Jimmy Niles Central Paraprofessional 3129
Hayes, Lisa Student Services Psychology Intern 2483
Henderson, Robert Technology Cable TV Producer 2188
Herlocker, Carol Physical Welfare Instructor 2284
Herrate, Sandra Equity Family Liaison - Spanish 2448
Hinsinger, Elizabeth World Languages Instructor 2139
Hoff, Barbara English Instructor 2109
Hoshi, Megumi Special Education Instructor 2355
Howard, Peggy Athletics Executive Secretary 2301
Hribar, Richard Special Education Paraprofessional 2307
Hurley, Richard Special Education Paraprofessional 2431
Hussain, Amanda English Instructor 2101
Ingraham, Heather English Instructor 2096
Issac, Marla Science Paraprofessional 2263
Jacobson, Laura World Languages Instructor 2143
Jado, Josephine English Paraprofessional 2420
Jamali, Toorun Science Paraprofessional 2449
Jaworski, Michael Attendance and Deans Police Liaison 2302
Jazrawi, Bashar Physical Welfare Instructor 2296
Jensen, Tim Buildings and Grounds ABM Account Manager 2038
Joffe, Matthew Special Education Paraprofessional 2415
Johaniewicz, Harriet Niles Central Instructor 3126
Johnson, Lyn Special Education Paraprofessional 2417
Jones, Clarence Niles Central Paraprofessional 3149
Jones, Greg GCA Services Account Manager 2038
Joshi, Ankur Mathematics Instructor 2251
Joyce, Heather Physical Welfare Instructor 2300
Kachaochana, Marosa Equity Family Liaison - Arabic, Assyrian 2463
Kachhia, Ashishkumar Mathematics Instructor 2232
Kaiser, Erick Social Studies Instructor 2926
Kakares, Irene Humanities Executive Secretary 2090
Kannokada, Catherine (Myers) Mathematics Instructor 2458
Kannokada, Manoj Special Education Instructor 2373
Kantor, Dana Student Services Psychologist 2904
Karottu, Aby Special Education Instructor 2337
Kastrinakas, Christina Main Office Assistant Bookkeeper 2016
Katz, Steven North APO Cadre  
Kemp, Alexis Testing Center Clerk 2120
Kessler, Joel Physical Welfare Instructor 2290
Klamm, Andrew Science Instructor 2764
Klos, Sara Humanities Assistant Director 2421
Knight, Lee Student Services LPN/Clerk 2276
Koda, Amy Fine and Applied Arts Instructor 2072
Komo, Natalie Special Education Instructor 2346
Koning, Amy Mathematics Instructor 2231
Kovitz, Louis Building and Grounds Receiving and Distribution 2049
Krawczyk, Kristen Student Services Social Work Intern 2486
Kretsos, John Science Instructor 2242
Kreusch, Debra Main Office Secretary 2177
Kruszynski, Kevin Special Education Paraprofessional 2399
Kruszynski, Mark Special Education Paraprofessional 2389
Kukalj, Sabina Humanities The Point Clerk 2222
Kusevskis, Brigitte Attendance and Deans Acting Dean 2083
Kwitt, Regina Library Library Clerk 2704
Kyriazes, Harry Science Instructor 2260
Lacey, Philip Technology Dir. of Instructional Technology 2208
Landau, Brianna Special Education Paraprofessional 2405
Landau, Matthew Special Education Instructor 2406
Landon, Alexandra Student Services S3 Student Advocate 2388
Laskowski, Tanya ELL ELL Testing 2134
Lear, Julie Fine & Applied Arts Instructor 2073
Lee, Hyunju Library Clerk 2185
Lee, NaYoung Equity Family Liaison - Korean 2482
Lenihan, Shauna Student Services Psychology Intern 2485
Lindberg, Ryan Science Instructor 2477
Lopez, Alfredo Security Director 3993
Louie, Edwin Technology Technician 2204
Lumpkin, Ginel Attendance Office Clerk 2033
Lupi, Guillermo World Languages Instructor 2141
Macas, Dennis Athletics Athletic Trainer 2292
Malench, Karyn Public Relations   2400
Mankoff-Elais, Melissa Niles Central Social Worker 3122
Manu, Sebastian Technology Telephone Technician 3964
Marinis, Thomas Special Education Paraprofessional 2453
Martin, Shawn Mathematics Instructor 2225
Matalas, Amy Special Education Instructor 2347
Mbah, Christine  English Instructor 2112
McCabe, Kate Niles Central Paraprofessional 3127
McClure, Reginald Niles Central Executive Secretary 3100
McKenna, Lisa Science Instructor 2235
Meehan, Erin Special Education Instructor 2356
Meier, Anthony Student Services Assistant Director 2426
Merrill, Jennifer Fine & Applied Arts   2126
Metallo, Lou Engineering, Computer Science & Business Education Instructor 2551
Meyer, Richard Mathematics Instructor 2226
Milanesio, Gina Science Instructor 2233
Milano, Lee Student Services Counselor 2169
Mills, Jennifer Special Education Speech Pathologist 2381
Minkus, Aaron Social Studies Instructor 2319
Moehlmann, Michael Fine & Applied Arts Instructor 2123
Morales, LaJoyce Duplicating Services   2175
Moran, Thomas Special Education Paraprofessional 2439
Mormolstein, Jason English Instructor 2110
Morton, Nehama Niles Central Social Worker 3132
Moy, Karissa Mathematics Instructor 2760
Mullins, Anne Marie (Ricchio) Student Services Nurse 2275
Murphy, Kevin Special Education Paraprofessional 2440
Murphy, Ryan Mathematics Instructor 2228
Musleh, Conrad Science Instructor 2240
Myers, Catherine (Kannokada) Mathematics Instructor 2458
Naatz, Tim Special Education Instructor 2361
Nagelvoort, Mary  Engineering, Computer Science & Business Education Instructor 2069
Neal, Tom World Languages Instructor 2149
Noll, Jacob Science Instructor 2269
Obrycki, Joseph Mathematics Director 2270
Olson, Glenn Physical Welfare Instructor 2332
Ona, Imee (Reichel) English Instructor 2428
Ordonez, Jean English Instructor 2106
Orlove, Seth Athletics Aquatic Director 2286
Ortmann, Timothy Fine & Applied Arts Director 2050
Otter, Nancy Special Education
Rehabilitation Services Supervisor
Pace, Mark Science Instructor 2246
Page, Jennifer Fine & Applied Arts Instructor 2116
Pak, Lisa Special Education Instructor 2362
Palmer, Dawn Athletics Athletic Trainer 2299
Park, Andrew Student Services Para - Digital Literacy 2192
Parnther, Steve Attendance and Deans Dean 2083
Patel, Shamim ELL Paraprofessional 2150
Paulis, Sarah English Instructor 2422
Paxson, Daniel English Instructor 2094
Peavy, Nicole Equity Family Liaison - Affinity 2481
Peterson, Lara Special Education Paraprofessional 2425
Peterson, Nils English Instructor 2111
Petrakis, Larissa Student Services Counselor 2162
Pickett, Kia Student Services Counselor 2163
Pietrzyk, Sonia Science Instructor 2264
Pommerenke-Schneider, Kristin Social Studies Instructor 2322
Pope, Jerry Student Services Dean of College Counseling 3947
Pope, Danita Security Supervisor 2307
Posnock, Susie Science Instructor 2256
Poulos, Harriet Attendance and Deans Secretary 2080
Powell, Chris Engineering, Computer Science & Business Education Director 2060
Powell, Kerry Student Services Psychologist 2434
Qian, Yan ELL/World Languages Instructor 2154
Raiber, Anna World Languages Instructor 2140
Rafferty, Molly Student Services S3 Student Advocate 2427
Ralfs, Jessica English Instructor 2086
Ranft, Susan World Languages Instructor 2136
Raper, Sarah Niles Central Paraprofessional 3131
Rashkow, Donna Special Education Paraprofessional 2382
Real, Lori Fine & Applied Arts Instructor 2113
Reed, Scott Science Instructor 2259
Reichel, Imee (Ona) English Instructor 2428
Relihan-Hantel, Maureen Attendance and Deans Secretary 2081
Ricchio, Anne Marie (Mullins) Student Services Nurse 2275
Richards, Mary Social Studies Instructor 2330
Richmond, Tim Engineering, Computer Science &  Business Education Instructor 2076
Rios-Murphy, Ana World Languages Instructor 2138
Robin, Allen Special Education Paraprofessional 2442
Rogers, Megan English Instructor 2369
Roth, Emily Science Instructor 2792
Ruth, David Mathematics Instructor 2227
Sadoski, Destiny Student Services Certified School Nurse 2941
Sagan, Arlene Mathematics Paraprofessional 2213
Salem, Omar Special Education Instructor 2409
Salem, Stephanie English Instructor 2475
San Ramon, Maria Library Clerk 2189
Savic, Veselka Main Office Secretary 2015
Sawyer, Jessica Attendance and Deans Attendance Clerk 2033
Schero, Laura Student Services Executive Secretary 2390
Schlack, Michelle Student Services Counselor 2171
Schroeder, Rebecca Mathematics Executive Secretary 2271
Schumann, Michael Student Services Counselor 2164
Scott, Renee English Instructor 2105
Seiwert, Kate Special Education Director Transition Services 2344
Senior, Amy Technology AV Technician 2207
Serpico, Joseph Science Instructor 2769
Serrano, Cecilia Mathematics Instructor 2214
Sevier, Glenn Student Services Social Worker 2436
Shabad, Benjamin Student Services Psychologist 2174
Shadel, Steven Mathematics K-12 Math Director 2495
Shafron, Dave Student Services Counselor 2178
Shaoul, David Niles Central Instructor 2887
Sharma, Pankaj Social Studies Instructor 2328
Shaw, Andre Special Education Paraprofessional 2191
Shay, Elizabeth Special Education Instructor 2378
Shiner, Jordan Social Studies Instructor 2318
Sihweil, Abraham Technology Student Tech and Apps 2201
Silverberg, Ivan Communications Instructor 3932
Silverman, Jennifer Student Services Social Worker 2180
Simao, Alice Buildings and Ground Secretary 2047
Singer, Matthew Special Education Director 2341
Sipolt, Deanna Niles Central Transportation 3150
Skelton, Molly Social Studies Instructor 2321
Slefo, Nina Mathematics Paraprofessional 2217
Smetana, Melissa Special Education Paraprofessional 2369
Sokolowski, Matthew Mathematics Instructor 2238
Stacewicz, John Special Education Paraprofessional 2385
Steeno, Patrick Physical Welfare Instructor 2293
Stefl, Camilla Student Services S3 Student Advocate 2166
Stewart, Margaret Special Education Instructor 2380
Sticha, Frank Science Instructor 2255
Stone, Lisa Mathematics Instructor 2224
Stucky, Sarah Social Studies Instructor 2323
Sullivan, Patrick Niles Central Paraprofessional 3128
Swanson, Marianne Library Clerk 2184
Swanson, Paul Physical Welfare Director 2288
Swedberg, Andrew Student Services Counselor 2234
Sweeney, Caitlen Student Services Registration 2393
Swiatkiewicz, Michael Fine & Applied Arts Instructor 2075
Szczepaniak, Jim Community Relations Director 3958
Taliya, Sargina Mathematics Instructor/Paraprofessional 2216
Taxakis, Georgia Mathematics Instructor 2219
Theis, Jessica Special Education Instructor 2368
Thielsen, Richard Science Instructor 2258
Tichy, Tony Special Education Instructor 2345
Toledo, Eduardo Physical Welfare Instructor 2294
Tom, Allen Special Education Paraprofessional 2956
Torres, Paul Social Studies Instructor 2325
Toynton, Elias Special Education Paraprofessional 2416
Trapani, Jody Mathematics Instructor 2218
Trzaskus, Susan Science Instructor 2245
Tulley, Hillary Science Paraprofessional 2243
Turner, Megan Special Education DRS Coordinator 2385
Valaitis, Nicole Niles Central Psychologist/Coordinator 3141
VandenBranden, Kaarin Student Services Social Work Intern 2484
VanderJeugdt, Terri Physical Welfare Instructor 2335
VanRoeyen, Nevin Mathematics Instructor 2230
Vitale, Vincent Physical Welfare Paraprofessional 2291
Wade, Sarah Fine & Applied Arts Instructor 2114
Wadzinski, Anne Mathematics Paraprofessional 2236
Wagner, Sarah Mathematics Paraprofessional 2757
Walton, Marie Fine & Applied Arts Executive Secretary 2051
Weiberg, Bonnie Science Instructor 2241
Weiss, Aaron Science Paraprofessional 2761
Wells, La Wanna Equity Director 2026
Weston, Katie (Gjerpen) Social Studies Instructor 2455
Weitzel, Monica Niles Central Social Worker 3139
Wick, Karin Physical Welfare Instructor 2950
Williams, Doug Special Education Paraprofessional 2398
Wilson, Sandra Social Studies Instructor 2317
Wimberly, Meghan (Current) Main Office Secretary 2013
Wittleder, William Physical Welfare Instructor 2289
Wright, Laura English Instructor 2093
Wulfram, Frederick ELL Instructor 2067
Yim, Joseph Mathematics Paraprofessional 2212
Zavell, Anne  Special Education Instructor 2358
Zbinden, Beverly Library Media Specialist 2183
Zera, Tom Special Education Instructor 2898
Zich, Brian Buildings and Grounds Facilities Manager 2046