Reporting an Incident

Niles North is a safe and relatively crime free campus. When a student seeks out security to report an incident, it is most likely a theft of a student’s personal property. When a theft occurs, it is usually a crime of opportunity and can be prevented. In most cases, the item is left unattended or is not locked in a locker and secured.

We encourage all students to:

  • Leave valuables at home—only bring items necessary for class work.
  • Do not leave items unattended, not even for a short time.
  • Keep valuables on your person or locked in your hall locker, not in a backpack.
  • Have calculators and other electronic devices engraved and record the serial number.
  • Report lost or stolen items to security as soon as possible.

To report a theft or other incident to security, stop by the security office in room 1080 to complete an incident report. Information for the report includes a complete description of the item, the location where the item was lost or stolen, and the last time the item was in your possession.

To inquire on the status of your report, check with the security desk or call 847-626-2306.