Student Parking

Board of Education policy authorizes parking permits to be sold initially to seniors and students registered in the Work-Study program. Remaining parking permits are then available for all students to purchase on the first day of school.

A limited number of Parking Permits will be distributed ONLY after the online registration form is completed, and the necessary documents are reviewed by the Security Office. All outstanding fees and fines must be paid at the Bookkeeper’s Office before being issued a permit for the school year. Parking Permits will be sold on a first come, first served basis with online registration. However, priority will be given to seniors and students in the Work Study Program until August 25, 2023. The cost of an annual parking permit is $300.00. Students enrolled in an Early Bird Class may purchase a parking permit at the discounted price of $240.00 (you will need to show your official class schedule in order to receive the discount).  Please complete the online form and pay through the Bookkeeper’s Office, via the Parents Portal, cash or a check made out to Niles Township High Schools. Beginning on the first day of school and continuing while available, online registration will be open to the student body. Students must use the online registration form to obtain a parking permit. The online application must be completed in full and the student must agree to all parking rules and regulations. A daily pass is available for $3.00. A daily pass must be obtained prior to 8:00 am. Permits are issued in the Security Office, room 1080.

It is important to note that students traveling on this campus are required to obey all traffic laws of the state including all traffic control signs on this campus. Any student found violating any traffic laws or disregarding the traffic control signs on this campus may be subject to school discipline which may include the suspension or revocation of their parking permit without refund. In addition, if a student is placed on SOCIAL PROBATION by a school official, parking privileges including yearly permits, may be revoked without refund.

Student vehicle(s) parked on campus must either display a yearly permit on the right side of their windshield or a daily pass that is displayed from the rear view mirror.

Niles North Registration Form