Locker Room Safety and Security

Dear Parents and Students,

Students are assigned an academic hall locker for coats and books, and a locker in the Physical Welfare (PW) locker rooms large enough to store only their Physical Education (PE) items. The PW locker should not be used as the student’s primary locker. Each student is assigned their own PW locker which has built in locks to secure their street clothes while in class. Students should store their backpacks, coats, and any and all electronics in their academic locker prior to going to PE.

Students enjoy a variety of expensive electronics which they like to bring to school such as cell phones, BEATs, Chromebooks, etc. Unfortunately, these items are targets for opportunistic people.

Because of this trend, we strongly recommend that you keep your valuables safe by taking the following steps:

    • Limit the valuables brought to school. Students should only bring those items needed for their education.
    • Secure your items in your hall locker. The hall locker is the safest place for valuables that cannot be kept on your person. The hall locker is safe because the student has control over who they share their locker combination with. Do not share your combination with others because sharing combinations also creates opportunity for theft.
    • Electronics and other valuables should not be brought into the locker rooms at any time. By law, any electronic item with a camera may not be used in locker rooms or restrooms. Additionally, locker rooms in any school, health club, park district, etc., are the most vulnerable areas of a facility in terms of opportunity for theft.

There are several methods to secure valuables before heading to PE class or practice.

    • Store items that cannot be carried on your person in your hall locker.
    • For those students driving, they should return valuables to the trunk of their car before attending after-school practice

Most importantly, students are not to leave their items unsecured by hanging their backpacks off the locker doors, on the floor, or in a locker that is not assigned to them.

Thefts occur because valuables are left unattended and unsecured. Students can avoid becoming a victim by keeping valuables out of sight and secured and by not bringing valuables into the locker room for PE class or practice.

Students not following these safety rules are subject to receiving a one hour detention for backpacks left unattended in the locker rooms.