Campus Safety

At Niles North High School,  the Security Department’s mission is to provide a safe and secure environment for the students and staff of Niles North High School.

Niles North provides:

  • 24 hour, 7 days a week security presence on campus
  • Director of Security and full security staff present during campus hours of operation
  • Security presence at key locations on campus – greeting parents, visitors and other non-Niles North personnel
  • Providing temporary clearance and highly visible identification to non-Niles North personnel
  • 82 surveillance cameras recording 24 hours a day, and reviewed regularly
  • Enhanced security presence at school events to ensure student and community safety

Besides monitoring the safety of our campus on a daily basis, Security personnel is prepared for the unexpected. Niles North High School has developed a comprehensive Emergency Procedures Plan (EPP) including:

  • Multi-layered implementation of a Emergency Procedures Plan
  • CPR, First Aid & AED training for a number of our faculty and staff
  • Practice disaster preparedness by facilitating fire, lock-down, Evacuation and Tornado drills
  • Working with Skokie Fire and Police Departments to practice campus lock-down protocols for extended periods in response to off-campus emergencies/threats
  • Conducting an annual crisis simulation exercise for students, faculty and staff
  • Trained Crisis Management Team to serve as the preliminary responder in advance of police and fire first responders
  • Niles North Security Department keeps informed of neighborhood crime and safety reports via The School Resource Officer
  • Niles North Security Department maintains relationships with local business neighbors