If a student is sick or has an appointment, the parent or guardian must call the Attendance Office. Absences without a call can result in an unexcused absence or tardy.  

Parents/guardians must call the Absence Reporting Line the day before or early in the morning the day of the absence or tardy at 847-626-2030.  Please speak clearly and leave your student’s name, ID#, the reason for the absence, and a phone number where you could be reached if needed. 

The Attendance Clerk will retrieve your message from the Absence Reporting Line.  Please be aware that due to the huge number of calls that the Attendance Office receives on a daily basis, the Attendance Clerk can not call parents/guardians back to confirm that she received the call. 

If you are picking up your student for an appointment, please make sure your student knows to notify his/her teacher that they must leave at a certain time to go to the Attendance Office to pick up their pass in order to exit the building through the front security desk.

Attendance Manager

Dmitry Burdein – 847 626 2032  [email protected]

Attendance Clerk

Reshma Sultana – 847 626 2034  

Attendance Reporting Line – 847 626 2030