Student and Parent Additional Information

The cost of a yearly sticker is $300.00. Parking stickers are available on a first come first served basis at the beginning of each school year. Seniors and Juniors get first priority. Depending on availability, stickers may be sold on a daily basis. Contact the Security Office for more information.

Student’s individual fee payment history will be mailed/fax/email to the family upon request. Contact the bookkeeper.


  • Families may put money on a student’s lunch account by bringing the dollar amount of your choice to the cafeteria or access Organic Life’s online system to pay with a credit card. Checks should be made out to Organic Life. Access to the money will be made through the student’s ID card. Checks made payable to Niles North WILL NOT be accepted by the cafeteria.
  • Any student that withdraws or graduates and has a surplus balance on their lunch account will be reimbursed in the following manner. Once all fees and fines are collected a check will be issued to the family. If there is a younger sibling attending Niles North, the surplus balance will be transferred to that student.

Any student living more than one and one half miles from school will receive free bus transportation to and from school. Families that live less than one and one half miles will have to pay for the transportation. Oldest child will pay $300.00. Any family with more than one student attending will receive a discount of $75.00 for each child.