D219 Canvas login screenshot

D219 Letter to Students, Families re. Canvas 8.11.20

August 11, 2020


Dear D219 Students and Families,

As we stated in the email we sent you on July 30 regarding the District's adoption of Canvas, we are happy to share with you that all students, teachers and courses have now been imported to Canvas.  Canvas is a modern and innovative learning management system that provides students access to all their classes from one centralized location, and allows teachers to provide instructional support, class calendars, assignments, and resources for students in a safe online environment. Canvas will replace Google Classroom.

This week, our teachers are engaging in professional development and preparing their courses on Canvas. The implementation is ongoing, and teachers will share more information with students as we move to the new platform.


How to Log in to Canvas

Go to your school’s website (Niles North or Niles West).

  • Click on “Students”
  • Click on “Canvas”
  • Log in with your District username (do not include @nilesk12.org) and password
  • Now you are in your Canvas Dashboard!

Training: Passport to Canvas

Once you have logged in, there is a course in your Dashboard called “Passport to Canvas”. Begin this course immediately to help you understand how to navigate Canvas. It takes you through everything you need to know about using Canvas as a student. It will help you:

  • Keep track of the work you are assigned by your instructor, grades and feedback.
  • Organize all of the learning material your instructor has created.
  • Stay in touch with other members of your class.


First Day of School

The first day of school is Monday, August 17, 2020. Students will follow their class schedule and log in to Canvas for each class period. Students should begin their day by reviewing their courses and activities for each class on Canvas. Making this a daily habit before the school day begins will lead to a successful school year.


Student Expectations for Attendance and Class Participation

Students are expected to attend classes and actively participate in all learning activities. Attendance will be taken daily and grades will be assigned for every class.

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, students will sign in to Canvas for each class period and participate in synchronous remote learning activities. Synchronous learning refers to a schedule where you are expected to participate in a specific class at a specific time. Teachers will take attendance on these days.

Attendance Taking on Wednesdays - Canvas
Every Wednesday, students will engage in asynchronous learning activities. Asynchronous learning refers to academic work that students engage in on a flexible schedule, so students can best manage their time to get this work done. Wednesdays will be considered attendance days for students. Every Wednesday, students will log in to Canvas and submit their attendance for the day. In addition to submitting attendance, students will log in to their courses on Canvas to complete learning activities assigned on Wednesdays.

Students who are unable to sign in to Canvas (for example, having a family emergency or health issue) can submit an excused absence similar to existing school policies. Refer to the “D219 Student Handbook, Section C - Attendance and Truancy.” Students also have a responsibility to contact their teacher in the event of an absence. 



Parent / Guardian Access to Canvas
Right now, we are prioritizing student and teacher access as well as professional development and course settings for Fall 2020. In the coming weeks, we will send information on how parents/guardians can join Canvas to partner with us in the educational experience. Canvas has a role and a dedicated App for parents/guardians. Our goal is to maximize the benefits of those resources.

What next?
Our teams will continue with the technicalities of Canvas adoption, professional development, Canvas teacher App, Canvas Student App and Canvas Parent App. We will keep you informed.


Technical Support

Students that need help with accounts or access to any of these resources can contact the Technology Help Desk for assistance. Please use the contact information below:

Niles North High School

Email: NorthHelpDesk@d219.org
Phone number: (847)626-2200

Niles West High School

Email: WestHelpDesk@d219.org
Phone number: (847)626-2720

Should you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Thank you, and we look forward to having you back at school!



Dr. Steven Isoye
Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Karen Ritter
Niles West Principal

Dr. James Edwards
Niles North Principal