Chinese Artist gives lesson in Calligraphy to Niles North class

The Chinese New Year 2020 began on January 25 and runs through February 8. 2020 is the Year of the Rat, according to the Chinese zodiac. To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Limin Dove, a Niles North Chinese teacher, welcomed Zhaoyu Wan to her classes to demonstrate Chinese calligraphy. Mr. Wan introduced the Four Treasures of the Study:  ink brush, ink stick, paper and ink stone, the tools of Chinese calligraphy and painting, then provided a demonstration. The students practiced writing the Chinese characters fu, for good fortune or luck. Turning the characters upside down, means that luck is arrived, or that good fortune is literally descending on the house.

Zhaoyu Wan works in various media, including watercolor, brush painting, oil painting, calligraphy, seal carving, photography and painting on porcelain. His art has been exhibited at the Chicago International Art Exposition, Art Frankfurt (Germany), La Mostra Internazionale d’Arte, Basel (Switzerland), and in solo and group shows in the U.S. and abroad. His works are in private and corporate collections in the U.S., France, Italy, Sweden, Japan, the U.K., and other countries.