North AP Art Seniors Receive $3,205,000 in Scholarship Offers!

Hello All!
Last month was a great month for the Niles North art department!  Please see the press release below.  Our art students were featured in 3 art shows at the Bridgeport art center and our AP art seniors were awarded a combined total of $3,205,000 based on their portfolios.
Juniors, Bella Ruffner and Noon Sareshwala won early college scholarships offers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  We are so proud of their hard work and recognition!  Can you please send this out to other departments so that their teachers can congratulate them?  Thank you for all of your support for the visual art department! Congratulations to all the art students involved!
Thank you!!
Melissa and Alethea

Please congratulate our Niles North Art Students in their combined $3,205,000 in scholarship offers and participation in the Illinois High School Art Exhibition!
The IHSAE Awards Ceremony Event was on Sunday, April 23th, bringing the best student artists from 100 Illinois suburban, public and private high schools to compete and celebrate the power of art in their lives. All at the Bridgeport Art Center.

The Northern Regional Exhibition: a “Best of the Best” show featuring over 500 works of art across 8 distinct categories competing for prestigious awards. Niles North was represented by Design: Noon Sareshwala, Ashley Rodriguez, Digital Painting, Sculpture: Espy Rodriguez, Drawing: Bella Ruffner, Photography: Thea Aban


The Senior Scholarship Exhibition: An exhibition of over 300 senior artworks that recognized senior scholarship recipients. A.J. BROWN, GIOVANNI  CASTANEDA, AVA  ENGSTROM, KYLA  HENDERSON, GRACE  KANDA, STELLA  KHAYRI, AARON  KRAMER, NINA  MALHOTRA, RACHELLE  OLAVEJA, CELESTE  RAMIREZ, CHLOE  RYBACKI, PARISE  SAN JOSE, ZANA  SERBEST, CECELIA  YOO