Niles West High School
5701 Oakton
Skokie, IL 60077

E-MAIL ADDRESS: In District 219, e-mail addresses for staff members consist of the first three letters of the first name, followed by the first three letters of the last name followed by our organization name: Example: "Michael Kucera" would be [email protected]

FACULTY WEB PAGES: The names of faculty members who have created web pages for their courses or extra-curricular activities are displayed as hyperlinks.

Michael Kucera Director 847-626-2615
Dominique Shemroske Executive Assistant 847-626-2600
Name Position Phone
Barker, Kim Instructor 847-626-2606
Bellwoar, Paul Instructor 847-626-2624
Fatima, Ainee Instructor 847-626-2614
Feiereisel, Ron Instructor 847-626-2593
Godi, TJ Paraprofessional 847-6262898
Graham, Michael Instructor 847-626-2589
Graham, Sally Instructor 847-626-2588
Gray, Nathan Instructor 847-626-2608
Gross, Rachel Instructor 847-626-2611
Harris, Michelle Paraprofessional 847-626-2653
Hettinger, Michele Instructor 847-626-2617
Iafrate, Stephanie Instructor, Reading Specialist 847-626-2599
Iqbal, Saima Instructor 847-626-2587
Jackson, Kristen Instructor, Literacy Coach 847-626-2625
Jeter, Andrew Instructor 847-626-2603
Lauer, Evelyn Instructor 847-626-2592
Lewis, Michele Instructor 847-626-2616
Lichterman, Dena Instructor 847-626-2623
Magnuson, Blake Instructor 847-626-2607
Maric, Daniel Paraprofessional 847-626-2619
Matesi, Alexis Instructor, Literacy Coach 847-626-2598
Peera, Nikki Instructor 847-626-2604
Quinlan, Dan Instructor 847-626-2610
Randolph, Dillin Instructor 847-626-2097
Rossa, Lisa Instructor 847-626-2596
Schmitt, Jason Instructor 847-626-2602
Schnabel, Mary Jo Instructor, Literacy Coach 847-626-2884
Sosa, Lia Instructor 847-626-2597
Stosovic, Tijana Instructor 847-626-2612
Swanson, Sharon Instructor 847-626-2613
Weatherington, Jody Instructor 847-626-2605
Whitefield, Denise Instructor 847-626-2901