Niles North High School
9800 Lawler Ave
Skokie, IL 60077

E-MAIL ADDRESS: In District 219, e-mail addresses for staff members consist of the first three letters of the first name, followed by the first three letters of the last name followed by our organization name: Example: "Sara Klos" would be [email protected]

FACULTY WEB PAGES: The names of faculty members who have created web pages for their courses or extra-curricular activities are displayed as hyperlinks.

Sara Klos Director of English 847-626-2421
Alessandra Gallo Executive Assistant  847-626-2420
Name Position Phone
Amelianovich, Ashley Instructor 847-626-2087
Brassell, Chris Instructor 847-626-2114
Bruns, Lisa Instructor 847-626-2362
Cha, Jay Instructor 847-626-2422
Cross, Jennifer Instructor 847-626-2098
Daley, Kerry Instructor 847-626-2121
Fey, Cynthia Paraprofessional 847-626-2104
Gillies, Katherine Instructor, Building Reading Specialist 847-626-2088
Haberl, James Instructor 847-626-2089
Hanson, Courtney Instructor 847-626-2466
Hoff, Barbara Instructor 847-626-2109
Hussain, Amanda Instructor 847-626-2101
Jimenez, David Instructor 847-626-2096
Mbah, Christine Instructor 847-626-2112
Mormolstein, Jason Instructor 847-626-2110
Mugnolo, Nico Instructor 847-626-2148
Okon, Jonathan Paraprofessional 847-626-2431
Ordonez, Jean Instructor 847-626-2106
Paxson, Daniel Instructor 847-626-2094
Peterson, Nils Instructor 847-626-2111
Philip, Jenny Instructor 847-626-2239
Rafferty, Molly Paraprofessional 847-626-2427
Ralfs, Jessica Instructor, Literacy Coach 847-626-2086
Rogers-Schultz, Megan Instructor, Literacy Coach 847-626-2369
Scott, Renee Instructor 847-626-2105
Salem, Stephanie Instructor 847-626-2475
Silverberg, Ivan Instructor 847-626-3932
Twillie, Manuel Instructor, Paraprofessional 847-626-2198
Wright, Laura Instructor, Literacy Coach 847-626-2093