Mission Statement

The District 219 English program is designed with a continuity of archetypes and themes. Focusing on recurring patterns and wrestling with phenomenal questions allow our students to engage meaningfully with our past while becoming conscious and active in the present. The recursive themes throughout the curricula are as follows: 

  • Continuity and Change
  • Destruction and Renewal
  • Equity and Race
  • Turning Points
  • The Hero’s Journey

Dispositional Learning
While the vast majority of learning targets in English are skill, content and performance based we also belief in the importance of these more difficult to measure dispositional targets: 

  • I am persistent about improving my reading.
  • I can exercise critical thinking.
  • I value the importance of reading and writing for everyday life.
  • I can continue thinking about and engaging in conversations about larger, unanswerable questions.
  • I participate in the political process


English Elective Program