District Residency – May 2019

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Dear 219 Parent/Guardian:

District 219 is committed to protecting taxpayer dollars through our annual residency process.

District 219 will continue to use a new tool called the CLEAR Batch system to review your residency. The CLEAR Batch system reviews public records to verify your residency. This summer all households will be reviewed using this system. In some cases, the CLEAR Batch system will locate adequate documentation to verify your residency for the 2019-2020 school year, and you will receive a letter via US Mail in June to indicate that you do not need to verify your student’s residency.

In other cases, the CLEAR Batch system may identify insufficiencies or inconsistencies in public records. In addition, a group of households will be selected at random, regardless of the results of the CLEAR Batch system search, to provide documentation to verify their residency. People who fall into one of these categories will receive a letter via US Mail in June to indicate that you will need to provide documentation to verify your student’s residency. Online residency verification will begin July 1. District staff will also be available during business hours for in-person assistance starting July 8. You may also verify residency at the Enrollment Fair which will begin August 5.

Here are a few important dates to note:

Announce results of CLEAR Batch & random selectionearly June
Online Residency Verification* July 1-19
In-Person Residency Verification* July 8-19
Enrollment Fair** August 5-7

* - Only required for those who do not pass the CLEAR Batch system or who have been randomly selected.
** - All students should attend to process school business including: health forms, fee waivers, books, Chromebooks, schedules, & pictures.


If you have any questions about the residency verification process, please contact your school building or the District's Residency office.

Niles West847-626-2929
Niles North847-626-2024
District Residency Officeresidency@d219.org


Thank you for your attention and cooperation.