E-MAIL ADDRESS: In District 219, e-mail addresses for staff members consist of the first three letters of the first name, followed by the first three letters of the last name followed by our organization name:
Example: "Mary Smith" would be [email protected]

FACULTY WEB PAGES: The names of faculty members who have created web pages for their courses or extra-curricular activities are displayed as hyperlinks.

EXTENSIONS: Dial 847-626-(extension) to reach any of the staff listed below.

Staff Directory

Bruzzino, JosephDirector3120
Choldin, KateInstructor3123
Casey, CaitlinInstructor3124
Dickman, MatthewInstructor3133
Nieman, JeffInstructor3137
Greene, BrianInstructor3125
Hawthorne, JimmiePara Professional3129
Johaniewicz, HarrietInstructor3126
Jones, ClarencePara Professional3149
Mateo, MarcusInstructor3127
Macias, AlexisSocial Worker3134
Kim, ErinPara Professional3128
Torres, NelsonPara Professional3131
Sipolt, DeannaTransportation3150
Sotelo, LucyCounseling Intern3138
Altman, AlexCounseling Intern3138
Valaitis, NicolePsychologist/Coordinator3141
Weitzel, MonicaSocial Worker3139