Create An Account

An activation key (a long, random number/letter code (ex: NY345E3D-39DE-47J9-898B-0BF17D2K89A4) will be provided to parents at registration. This is necessary to create the account.  If you do not have the activation key, see **instructions below.

North-campus-parentFrom the school homepage, click on the Parents link and click on the Campus Parent button.west-campus-parent


**If you do not have an activation key, under Need More Help, go to If you are a PARENT of a current student and would like to get your Activation Key (sent to the email on record): Click here.

    • Enter the email address associated with the account.
    • If the email address is found and connected to an active student,  but your account has not been activated, then an email will be sent to the provided email address with information on how to activate your account.
    • If the email is not found, contact your school's Student Services department.
      • Niles North: 847.626.2161
      • Niles West: 847.626.2680
      • District 69/Skokie: 847.675.7666
      • District 67/Golf (Golf MS): 847.965.3740
      • District 67/Golf (Hynes Elem): 847.965.4500
  1. Click on New User.
    • Enter your Activation Key and follow the prompts.
    • Enter a Username.  Use an alphanumeric (both letters and numbers) username.
    • Enter a Password. Passwords are required to be at least eight characters long and must meet three of the four qualifications listed:
      • A lower case letter (a, j, r, etc.)
      • An upper case letter (A, J, R, etc.)
      • A number (3, 7, 1, etc.)
      • A symbol (@, %, &, etc.)
      • Re-enter the password in the Verify Password field.