Contact the Board

Community members can contact all board members through a Board of Education group e-mail. The address is: [email protected] (copy and paste the email address in your preferred email client).  Your email will go to each Board member and the Recording Secretary of the Board.  Please note: if your question requires the Board of Education to respond, such responses will be provided after the Board has had an opportunity to consider the question/request in a regularly scheduled public meeting.

The Board uses the Board group email address at the recommendation of the Illinois Association of School Boards and its attorneys. The Board email ensures the entire Board sees the same communication at the same time. It then gives direction to the Superintendent or places the issue on the next closed or open session of the Board.

According to the Illinois Association of School Boards, “The Board functions as a single unit. Issues and concerns will be brought to the full board for discussion and resolution. The opinions and personal strengths of individual members will be used to the Board’s best advantage, but the Board faithfully will make decisions as a group, by formal vote. No officer, individual, or committee of the Board will be permitted to limit the Board’s performance or prevent the Board from fulfilling its commitments.”

Please be advised that e-mails sent to the Board are part of the public record and therefore may be subject to the Freedom of Information Act. As the Board’s function is primarily policy making, questions about specific school functions or issues should be directed to the teacher or administrator closest to the situation.