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Potential Child Luring Incident

Niles West Principal Karen Ritter sent the following note to students, parents and guardians on October 30. Niles North Principal James Edwards sent a similar note to students and families.

Dear Niles West Students, Parents and Guardians,

This note is to make you aware of an incident that took place this morning. At approximately 7:30 a.m., a Niles North student was waiting for his school bus at the corner of Church and New England in Morton Grove. A man in a van stopped near the bus stop, opened the sliding door and asked the student if he needed a ride. The student is safe and gave a description of the subject to the police. The driver was described as a male in his 30’s with dark hair, and the vehicle was described as an older model white or silver minivan.

We encourage parents to speak with their children about what to do if they are confronted by a stranger by developing a plan and/or discussing strategies such as running away, yelling for help and reporting the incident to an adult and the police.

If your child sees anything suspicious, please report it to your local police department or school officials.

Thank you.

Dr. Karen Ritter, Principal