D219 Board Honors Student Technology Leaders / Innovators

Three D219 students received the Accent on Achievement Award from the Board of Education at the February 14 meeting. Niles West’s Michael Leon and Jay Monga and Niles North’s  Dominik Yakoubek were recognized as Technology Leaders/Innovators. Dominik Yakoubek, Niles North

AP Mathematics and Computer Science teacher David Ruth nominated Dominik for the award based on his passion and talent for computer science.

According to Ruth, Dominik took AP Computer Science last year and performed far above expectations and developed many significant programs outside of class.

“This year in our Advanced App Development class, Dominik has taken a leadership role and is a mentor to several other rising student programmers,” Ruth said. “Our students worked  on a program early in the year as a service project for our school librarians.  We designed a system that would read a 2,200-line Google spreadsheet, parse each student name, their summer reading book, and their assigned book talk room number, and automatically send them an email detailing that information, saving thousands of printed sheets of paper and  many work hours collating and distributing said papers.

“Of our 33 students in our two classes, Dominik’s version was selected to represent our class,” Ruth said. “He spent much of his own time outside of class collaborating with the librarians  and rewriting his code to meet their requests and ensure the system worked flawlessly. It was an outstanding achievement and a truly generous display of his talents.  I am inspired each  day I am blessed to work with Dominik in our App Development course.

Dominik is a member of the Science Olympiad and Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering (WYSE) clubs. Dominick is one of five siblings and spends his free time playing and  designing video games. His favorite games are “Civilization” and Madden 360.  His role models are Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg and operating system guru Linux Tolvads. Next fall, Dominick plans to student Computer Engineering at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Michael Leon and Jay Monga, Niles West

Senior Michael Leon and junior Jay Monga have distinguished themselves in Niles West’s Computer Science program, according to Computer Science teacher Tim Sullivan, who  nominated them.

They are active members of the App Development Club and have helped develop many projects that have been used by students and faculty, Sullivan said. For example, Jay helped create  the Dance Marathon app that helps Dance Marathon track fundraising, and Michael helped create the Final Exam Schedule program that helps students and teachers determine their  final exam schedule. They’ve participated in various programming competitions, including Husky Hack, Pro Com, and the Association for Computing Machinery high school  programming competition at Purdue University.

In January, Michael and Jay competed on the same team at the Junior Achievement Hackathon at Columbia College in Chicago. They took second place in the Hackathon, and each were  awarded $100. Michael and Jay also compete on the WYSE team.  Michael won this year’s WYSE Regional Competition in Computer Science with a perfect score. Both will be competing  at Sectionals in March.  As a part of Niles West’s VEX Robotics teams, they have made programming contributions that have helped advance their teams to State and Nationals.