NNDECA Did Amazing at Their Regional Competition!

More than 1,800 students attended and competed at the North Suburban Regional DECA Conference held on January 26th at the Donald J. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. DECA students participate in DECA’s Emerging Leader Series to attain 21st Century Skills in the areas of collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity. This is done by preparing/presenting in various industry-validated competitive role play events through one-on-one interaction with community and industry business leaders. These are aligned with the National Curriculum Standards in the career clusters of Marketing, Business Management and Administration, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Hospitality and Tourism.

Niles North continues to be a leader in the North Suburban Area by winning multiple medals in Career Cluster Testing and Role Play Presentations.  We congratulate all of our students and especially the following students:




Back row: Abel Stephen, Andre Hrisca, Mitchell Tuchten, Tamir Al-Saimary, Rishi Malhorta, Spencer Pearl, Shrey Dalal, Safan Khan, Alexander Boukalis, Jack Jaminski

Middle row: Mohammad Makda, Samiy Durrani, Hassan Ahmed, Aarav Jain, Angelo Fernando, Cesar Vargas, Dylan Kang, Saif Salman, Sam Dababneh, Maxwell Rappaport, John Park

Front row: Rehana Abjani, Meera Sahrawat, Armana Rizvi, Avery Ermel, Jolie Vukic, Farah Tawfik, Yuvika Patel, Edessa Khamis, Destiny Hatfield, Minha Khan


Niles North DECA is very proud of the over 80 students who competed on this year’s Regional Competition Roster:  

Rehana Abjani, Hassan Ahmed, Tamir Al-Saimary, Noor Ali, Nicholas Boukalis, Alex Boukalis, Max Campos, Rumesa Chowhan, Sam Dababneh, Shrey Dalal, Eya Carmela Dalangin, Shubh Dalia, Askash Darji, Saloni Dave, Jadon Dobschuetz, Emily Duong, Samiy Durrani, Nathan Erdelyi, Avery Ermel, Angelo Gabriel Fernando, Edward Florian, Joslyn Frommelt, Paul Fuja, Maya Garcia, Christian Gavrilas, Jaden George, Filip Guzina, Destiny Hatfield, Uruj Hazara, Corban Hood, Kelsey Howard, Andre Hrisca, Daniela Ivanova, Joanna Jacob, Aarav Jain, Jack Jaminski, Diego Juarez-Prado, Amina Jusic, Dylan Kang, Edessa Khamis, Safan Khan, Minha Khan, Joshua Lam, Myla Angeline Laroza, Luke Lubin, Umair Mahmood, Mohammad Makda, Rishi Malhotra, Jiselle Maningat, Mark Marcos, Ali Merchant, Sameer Mian, Ayaan Mirza, Omri Mulla, Brandon Nguyen, Stacey Nguyen, John Nueva, Richard Panarese, John Park,  Yuvika Patel, Spencer Pearl, Maxwell Rappaport, Armana Rizwi, Meera Sahrawat, Saif Salman, Marcus Savoy, Grant Seitz, Mary Shamaon, Nikolas Sikoral, Abel Stephen, Daria Szczypta, Farah Tawfik, Janet Tsogoo, Mitchell Tuchten, Evan Urbanski, Cesar Vargas, Jacob Voeller, Jolie Vukic, Jordin Vukic, Laila Williams, Oriana Youmara, Paul Youssef, Abbas Zaidi

Sixty-five of these students have been named to this year’s state roster and we couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishment thus far and know that many more accolades are yet to come.

The Niles North DECA sponsors are Jean Attig, Kara Mielke, Nick Pahl, and Sara Torres. The next level of competition will be the Illinois State Career Development Conference held February 29-March 2, 2024 in Rosemont, Illinois. The competitive season will culminate at the DECA International Career Development Conference/Competition which will be held in Anaheim, California in April 2024. We hope that many of our students qualify for this very prestigious competition with over 21,000 of their high school peers from around the globe.