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3-20-2020 Principal letter to families

Good afternoon,

Firstly, I want to wish you and your families continued good health during this unprecedented time in our history. This COVID-19 crisis has stretched families and institutions beyond anyone’s imagination. That being said, I am sure we are all seeing instances of benevolence that restore our faith in the good of humanity. Thank you for your continued support, resilience, and fortitude during this tough stretch. As we move into spring break, here are a few updates:

This week, we kicked off remote learning for the first time with huge success. Our students were active and engaged in a multitude of learning activities. Our teachers have worked hard to deliver lessons and to provide feedback to students on their learning and growth. Student participation this week will make this transition seamless and ensure that students do not fall behind. This is a time to think about what matters most in learning, what students would like to get feedback on to shape learning, as well as opportunities for improving grades. Continuity of education is especially critical for high school students who are preparing for college and career in just a few short years. We also want our students to continue to have access to certifications, dual credit, AP classes, required services, and high school requirements in general.  As a reminder, remote learning will not be in effect during spring break, March 23-March 27. We will resume eLearning on Monday, March 30th.

For up-to-date information, please visit our webpage: www.niles219.org/keeplearning. Be sure to click on the link: “Information for Students & Families.”

On another note, please remind your students of the importance of “social distancing.” While we understand that there is more idle time than usual, our young folks need to heed to this as one of the ways to ameliorate the spread of the virus.

As you may also be aware of, our district is fortunate enough to have a dedicated and caring team of family liaisons to help. Additional information about Family Liaison services can be found on the Family Liaison website at this link.

We will continue to update families on the impact of COVID-19 on our schools and decisions moving forward.  Here is the website link

Have a great weekend,
Dr. Edwards/Dr. Ritter