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Update on This Morning’s Incident

Niles North Principal James Edwards sent this update at 9:30 p.m. tonight to Niles North families:

Dear Niles North Students, Parents and Guardians,

This note is to provide an update to the message I sent out earlier today warning about a potential child luring incident. We have been notified by the Morton Grove Police Department that there was an innocent misunderstanding: a neighbor who lives in the area was waiting in his vehicle with his child, who was also waiting for the bus. The parent asked if the student wanted to enter the vehicle to get out of the rain until the bus came. The student did not recognize the parent.

When the parent saw the warning note I sent out earlier today, he called the Morton Grove Police Department to explain what happened. Police reviewed the situation and promptly notified D219 to let us know there is no more cause for concern about this.

The police emphasize that the student did the right thing by reporting what seemed to him suspicious activity. We appreciate the close working relationship we have with the Morton Grove Police Department, and in fact with all four Police Departments that serve D219 schools.

Thank you.

Dr. James Edwards