From Where I Stand

NN Theatre Presents From Where I Stand

Promo for “From Where I Stand”

Niles North Theatre invites you to From Where I Stand: Young actors share their voices, vulnerability, and power through this series of original student-written monologues.  Show is available for streaming October 15 through 18. 

There is no charge for tickets — simply complete this form to have the streaming information sent to you later this week.

Featuring cast members: Jamie Acido, Aria Alfaro, Becca Blatt, Yordanos Divelbess, Andrew Feingold-Fisher, Roy Gantz, Eliza Harris, Tom Henry, Taha Ikhlas, Sadie Kaminsky, Adrian Lorie, Abigail Mehr, Samantha Ratliff, Jacob Rausa, Amy Shapiro, Amanda Steiner, Isabella Ruffner.

Writing and Acting Coaches: Annaliisa Ahlman, Megan Baskin, Chris Minor, Timothy Ortmann, Tyrone Phillips, and Pushkar Sharma.

We look forward to seeing you again at the theatre in person one day.  Until then, we hope you can join us virtually!