Make Some Noise Graphic for Wk May 18 2020

Niles Township Celebrates the Week of the Graduate Beginning May 18

Make Some Noise Graphic for Wk May 18 2020

All 11 public school districts that serve Niles Township will celebrate their 8th graders and high school seniors the week of May 18, which marks The Week of the Graduate, Class of 2020.  Community members are encouraged to head out to your front porch or come to the front lawn on Wednesday, May 20 at 8:20 p.m. (20:20 in military time) to “Make Some Noise for the Class of 2020”: sing your favorite song, bang some pots and pans, and give the Class of 2020 the round of applause that they deserve.

On May 20, schools will also turn all their lights on from 8 to 9 p.m. to “light up the night” for the Class of 2020.

The Week of the Graduate is sponsored by the Niles Township Superintendents Association, in partnership with the Village of Lincolnwood, the Village of Morton Grove, the Village of Niles and the Village of Skokie.

The schools are providing lawn signs or window signs for their graduates to display at their homes, and residents are encouraged to celebrate the Class of 2020 students the week of May 18 by tying a ribbon of their high school’s color on a tree by their home (red for Niles West and purple for Niles North).

“With the COVID-19 pandemic taking away the usual forms of celebration for this year’s graduates, we think it’s important that our community find a way to come together to honor and congratulate the Class of 2020,” said Dr. Margaret Clauson, Superintendent of Skokie/Morton Grove School District 69.

Residents and businesses can make a sign to display in their window or business, and residents can change out their porch bulb to a red or purple bulb for the week.


Dr. Beth Flores, Golf School District 67

Dr. James Garwood, Skokie School District 68

Dr. Margaret Clauson, Skokie — Morton Grove School District 69

Mr. Brad W. Voehringer, Morton Grove School District 70

Dr. John Kosirog, Niles School District 71

Dr. Cindy Whittaker, Fairview South School District 72

Dr. Scott Thompson, East Prairie School District 73

Ms. Kate Donegan, Skokie School District 73.5

Dr. Kimberly Nasshan, Lincolnwood School District 74

Dr. Steven Isoye, Niles Township High School District 219

Ms. Tarin Kendrick, Niles Township District for Special Education 807

Week of the Graduate Flyer

Make Some Noise Flyer