Lori Andre (1976) lives in Chicago and married her high school sweetheart. She has three boys and grandchildren. She runs a successful shoe business, Lori’s Shoes, in Northfield and is the co-chair of community outreach for I AM ALS. 

Lori has worked tirelessly towards efforts to combat ALS, while running her successful shoe business.  All of this work is done with humility, fierce dedication and extraordinary grace.  Lori’s husband Brian (both class of 1976) was diagnosed with ALS approximately 5 years ago. Once they got over the initial shock of this devastating diagnosis, they got to work! They, along with others including Chicago resident, Brian Wallach, launched the organization I Am ALS, and have made more strides getting US government funding for ALS research than ever before.  I Am ALS has made other notable strides in patient advocacy, ALS research, and is revolutionizing how to cure this disease.  A simple google (see links below) of Lori and Brian Andre’s names will surface reporting on much of their efforts.  Below are links to supportive facts indicating how revolutionary their work has been in the Chicagoland area, for the entire ALS community and beyond, in addition to running a successful family owned business for decades.