D219 Illinois State Scholars

Niles Township High School District 219 is pleased to announce 175 students from the graduating class of 2018 have been recognized as Illinois State Scholars.

The Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC), the state agency committed to helping make college accessible and affordable for Illinois families, confers this prestigious recognition annually to top Illinois high school students. This year, approximately 20,000 exceptional honorees join the other top state students honored for their academic achievements since the designation was first introduced in 1958.

Illinois State Scholars represent approximately the top ten percent of high school seniors from 738 high schools across the state. Illinois State Scholars possess strong academic potential and are chosen based on a combination of exemplary ACT or SAT test scores and sixth semester class rank.


The following District 219 students were named 2018-19 Illinois State Scholars:

Niles North High School

Sadia Ahmed, Tahlia Altgold, Mirza Baig,  Ross Bezark, Zev Blumenthal, Stephanie Brand, Jared Brown, Evan Chen, Yuxi Chen,  Mollie Chez,  Raiyan Chowdhury,  Filip Czarkowski, Katie Deer, Luke Dorais, Tera Eliasoff, Goodwin Francis,  Jeffrey Fraus, Iyke George, Veljko Glogovac,  Angela Tracy Guevarra,  Jessica Hansen, Samuel Hirsch, Faraaz Hooda, Aceadia Huang, Meemie Hwang, Tina Intarapanont,  Elizabeth James, Annabelle Jiang, Sharon Joseph, Julia Kang, Minhyuk Kang, Elizabeth Keegan,  Tolga Kesler,  Samia Khatoon,  River Kung,  Sally Le, Christine Lee, Isabelle Lee, Bella Levavi, Jeremiah Limson, Mae Isabelle Madrid, Melvy Mathew, Emily McCarthy, Joshua Melnick, Jacob Merrill, Idrees Mir, Alexis Moy, Aizaan Nafees, Noa Nuzov, Adriana Oh, Charles O’Kane,  Mary O’Kane, Miles Omori, Samantha Ono, Arjun Patel, Viral Patel, Arsenii Pavlenko, Conor Perreault, Victoria Pi, Zachariah Reed, Noelle Rosa, Julia Schneider, Tejashree Shah, Patrick Shapiro, Danielle Shaykin, Farheen Shethwala, Jacob Shor, Rachel Song, Ethan Soo, Tamara Stevanovic, Yourtana Sulaiman, Isaiah Tong, Murtaza Ukani, Jan Xavier Uy, Karen Wallace, Amelia Weiss, Hannah Wohlman, Rachael Xavier, Chih-Chia Yen, Mary Helen Youseph, Anthony Zagorov.


Niles West High School

Matthew Adler, Darius Alasu, Ayman Ali, Noemi Andras, Dennis Angelov, Yumna Bawany, Dustyn Beutelspacher, Alisia Big, Jacqueline Calderon, Darby Chamness, Max Chan, Elizabeth Chin,  Audrey Choi, Dareen Chuy, Sophia Cinquemani, Ancuta Cinta, Sean Collins, Tammy Dang, Sofia Dekhtyar, Nikola Dimitrijevic, Emily Duong, Rachel Ferrigno, Hailey Fiedler, Sara Fitzgerald, Grace Geraghty, Julia Gladysz, Nathan Glancy, Christian Graca, Arturo Gutiu, Anna Harbeck, George Hatzopoulos, Allena Healy, Patrick Holbrook, Antonio Elliot Homdus, Jane Hwang, Jason Peter Inumerable, Joseph Iovescu, Justin Jatico, Hansel John, Jessica Kalathil, Jacqueline Karp, Ayesha Khan, Mohammed Khan, Iemaan Khiyani, Christopher Kim, Karis Lancaster, Steven Le, Christina Lee, Simon Lee, Tamara Maatouk, Edita Mackic, Adam Majcher, Robert Majcher, Sonja Malek, Jared Manusig, Shaina Mathews, Anthony Maya, Dimitrios Michail, Callieh Mohr, Ethan Moldofsky,  Jay Monga, Patrick Odwyer, Casimir Pashup, Adam Patel, Payal Patel, Alexander Pehar, Julia Penchkovskaya, Kate Pendavinji, Tracy Pham, David Plotnik, Izabela Pop, Shiva Rodrigues, Christopher Rohn, Michael Rohn, Anthony Saldana, Heba Sattar, Jesvin Sebastian, Parth Shah, Roan Shaker, Rida Sheikh, Jennifer Si, Teodora Simic, Julian Kyle Soliva, Orion Sommer, Priyal Soni, Georgios Spiratos, Ileana Stavropoulos, Jeremy Steegmueller, Alexis Tolan, Elaine Tran, Sabrina Tran, Brigid Williams, Dana Yim, Sarah Zasso



“On behalf of ISAC, I want to congratulate all of this year’s State Scholars for their exceptional work and wish them much success in their future endeavors,” said Eric Zarnikow, ISAC executive director. “Thank you also to the teachers, parents, coaches and other mentors who support our students, inspire them, and help them navigate a path to college. You make a tremendous difference not only in our students’ lives, but in improving economic prosperity and building a bright future for our state.”

While the State Scholar recognition does not include a monetary prize, honorees will receive a congratulatory letter from ISAC and personalized Certificates of Achievement. This year, State Scholars will also receive a digital Illinois State Scholar badge, which can be displayed on their online profiles and social media accounts, and shared with high school counselors, prospective colleges, employers, family members and others.