Debate Coach & Team members that earned college scholarships in debate

Debate Team Accepts More Than $300K in College Scholarships

Four senior debaters from Niles West accepted generous college debate scholarship offers and one former debater from Niles West received a scholarship offer after walking on at her university.

Nate Glancy won a debate scholarship

Nate Glancy

Nasim Salehitezangi debate team member won college scholarship

Nasim Salehitezangi








​Nathan Glancy & Nasim Salehitezangi, the varsity state champion partnership, set several benchmarks and records for the West program this year and accepted scholarships at Trinity University in San Antonio. The award offers both $128,000 to debate as Tigers.


Ellie Bennett won a debate college scholarship

Ellie Bennett

Dustyn Beutelspacher of the debate team was awarded a college scholarship

Dustyn Beutelspacher








Senior Ellie Bennett received a $16,000 per year scholarship to continue to debate at the University of Iowa as a Hawkeye. Ellie will join Subbi Namakula (Class of 2017) who walked on to the University of Iowa’s debate team and did so well that she received $42,000 to continue debating as a Hawkeye.

Dustyn Beutelspacher received an in-state tuition waiver and stipend each semester at the University of Texas-Dallas. This award is valued at over $26,000 per year to debate as a Comet.

Huge congratulations to all five students. This brings the total amount of college debate scholarships accepted (not including offers) to over $1,197,872 dollars of merit and debate-based aid during the past eight years for Niles West.

Head Debate Coach Eric Oddo remarked, “The program is committed to utilizing the resources the Board of Education has allocated wisely and effectively. We are very thankful for the support the team received this year from our principal, Dr. Jason Ness, and Humanities administrators, Mr. John Przekota and Ms. Sanlida Cheng. Additionally, the Niles West teachers, support staff and other members of the administrative team continue to help the debaters reach their potential. The parents are the team’s biggest fans and we would be nowhere without their passionate advocacy for the program. We are also lucky to have tireless assistant coaches and alumni who are always helping the team out. The students and I can’t thank you all enough! “

Niles West won its first major (The Greenhill Fall Classic), its first IHSA varsity state championship and advanced their third team to the elimination rounds at the Tournament of Champions national championship in four years. Two teams will be competing at the National Speech and Debate Association National Championships in June.