First Place Boat Race at North 2018

3rd Annual Geometry Boat Races

When students ask, “When will I ever have to use this?” look to the Geometry Boat Races as an example. Using cardboard boxes, reams of duct tape, and their knowledge of geometry, students constructed seaworthy vessels to transport them across the pool in timed heats. The 3rd annual Geometry Boat Races asked students to combine everything they learned in geometry this semester into one project. Every group that participates in the races has successfully completed Phases 1 through 7.  This project incorporates Similarity, Pythagorean Theorem, Right Triangle Trigonometry, Area, Volume and Density.

On May 17, students took their boats to the pool and prepared to race. After being instructed on the best methods to enter the vessels, and tips on efficient paddling, the races began.

First Place Boat Race at North 2018

First place went to The Flash, captained by Mark Zaya, with crewmates Jan Sabeeh and Elouss Cazeau. Their time was 17.95 seconds.


2nd Place Boat Winner at Niles North 2018

Second place went to the S.S. Juulia, captained by Samar Mari, with crewmates Miguel Picazo-Marin and Kamil Bialorudzi. Their time was 17.98 seconds.


Third place was captained by Danielle Lehrer, with crewmates Maya Bral and Mehreen Khan. Their time was 19 seconds.